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Saturday, March 6, 2021


Cost of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report

In the debate over coronavirus policy, there has been far too little focus on the costs of lockdowns. It’s very common for the proponents of these interventions to write articles and large studies without even mentioning the downsides.

Covid Governments and Social Harmony

As if our societies didn’t have enough conflicts, we have added a new beautiful way of pitting one person against another: Covid-restrictions. Instead of clamping down with the mighty force of government on some innocent behavior, politicians have outsourced the enforcement of their rules to shop-owners or workers at cafés and restaurants. All over, consumers are pitted against producers (or other consumers) in a way that’s almost entirely absent from regular market life.

Does Science Really Demand that Bars and Restaurants Close?

“It’s Now Up to Governors to Slow the Spread,” says a Wall Street Journal article — written by board members of pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Illumina, Johnson and Johnson and Cigna. It encourages states and governors to band together and implement restrictions “focus[ed] on known sources of spread, such as bars and nightclubs.”

For Better Health and a Stronger Economy, Don’t Lock Down Again

European countries are imposing harsh lockdowns again as a second wave of COVID-19 spreads throughout Europe. It was a mistake last spring, when most U.S. states followed Europe’s lead in imposing lockdowns during the first wave, and it would be an even bigger mistake to copy the failed lockdowns again today.

So Much for the “Strawman” of Lockdowns

The Great Barrington Declaration website went live on October 5, 2020. Over the next four weeks it amassed signatures from over 10,000 health scientists, 30,000 medical practitioners, and 600,000 members of the general public – all calling for an end to lockdowns as the primary tool for mitigating Covid-19. Lockdowns have imposed immense social and economic harms over the last eight months. Meanwhile, surprisingly little evidence exists to support the effectiveness of the lockdown approach.

Are Legacy and Social Media Protecting Presidential Candidate Joe Biden?

If you watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC or read the New York Times, or other legacy news you might not have heard about the October 14, 2020 New York Post article Hunter Biden emails show leveraging connections with his father to boost Burisma pay.

Our COVID-19 Plan would Minimize Mortality and Lockdown-induced Collateral Damage

Current COVID-19 lockdowns protect low-risk college students and young professional bankers, attorneys, journalists, scientists and others who can work from home, while older high-risk working-class people are risking their lives building the population immunity that will eventually protect us all.

November 3 Voting Assistance for Frederick

As a reminder, Frederick polling places will have spaces set aside for voters who cannot wear a face mask. During early voting Urbana will have an outside area set up for voters who can't wear masks. The other locations have inside space set aside. Per Board of Elections Director Stuart Harvey once the voter is checked in they vote "by themselves away from all other voters at a separate voting booth, then deposited the ballot at the scanner."

The Real Pandemic: Mass Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy

It’s more than fair to say that we are experiencing a pandemic, but not the one you hear about ad nauseum. No, the pandemic is not a virus, it is a pandemic outbreak of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy which focuses its obsessions on the virus.

Write in Candidates – Yea or Nay?

On October 7, the Board of Education voted to remain under the current virtual learning model. To say parents are upset is an understatement – they are livid. This anger sparked conversations and interest in possible “write-in” candidates.