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Sports written by The Tentacle staff who live in Frederick County or close by for a local perspective on both local and national sports.

National Basket Ball Association and Major League Baseball Are Back

National Basket Ball Association and Major League Baseball are back. The NBA announced its season will begin July 30th with Utah Jazz facing off against the New Orleans Pelicans while the battle of the LA’s begin between The Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Shaky Future of Major League Baseball

The NBA is set to resume play on July 31st. Football is supposed to start on schedule, but where is baseball? About a month ago, Major League Baseball looked like opening day would be around July 4th. Now it seems we may not even have a baseball season.

National Basketball Association’s 2020 Outlook

The National Basketball Association (NBA) reported two weeks ago that the 2020 season would resume on the 31st of July this year. Play would resume in Orlando, Florida, with the participation of 22 of its 30 teams.

Understanding Why Colin Kaepernick Took A Knee

or the first three weeks of the preseason in 2016, Colin Kaepernick was seen sitting on a bench during the national anthem. After speaking to Nate Boyer an Army Green Beret and long snapper in the NFL, Colin decided to kneel instead of sit on the bench. Boyer explained to him it would be more respectful than sitting.

Year of the Terrapin?

Since 2010, the football program at the University of Maryland has regressed from “top-25” to a laughingstock in the Big Ten Conference.

Big Pay Day or Championships

Seven years ago, Joe Flacco led the Baltimore Ravens to a Superbowl win. After playing out his rookie deal, Flacco was on his way to becoming an unrestricted free agent.

COVID-19 Updates in Basketball and Baseball

On March 11th, and 12th the sports world came to a halt because of an invisible enemy. All major league sports suspended their seasons or just outright cancelled them - NBA, NHL, MLB. Even the NCAA, who cancelled their basketball tournament, and all of their spring sports.

NFL Schedule Release

When the NFL releases its schedule this Thursday, May 14th, we will learn which teams the Ravens and the Redskins will face during the 2020 season.

Petition To Save 42 Minor League Baseball Franchises Gains Steam

A petition to save 42 minor league baseball franchises has gained local attention.  The Frederick Keys are affected by a potential MLB proposal to...

XFL Week 4 Recap

LA Wildcats-14 - NY Guardians-17 The New York Guardians defeated the LA Wildcats 17-14 for their second victory this XFL season. The Guardians were...