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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

Democrats Pledge To Unite America

I wanted to watch the Democratic National Convention (DNC). When I learned that Socialist Bernie Sanders was allotted more time than any other speaker (eight minutes), I was very disappointed.

COVID19 – Hogan’s Numbers Game

On March 5, 2020 Governor Larry Hogan declared a State Of Emergency due to an “outbreak of disease”. Maryland now had its first coronavirus death while there were 177 confirmed cases nationwide.

Frederick County Conservative Club Fires Up The Community

It’s looks like Frederick County may finally have a group of conservatives actively engaging with the community and holding events to inspire and attract like-minded neighbors.

Campaigning In The Age Of COVID-19 Lockdowns

In case any of us need reminding, Frederick County Public Schools have not held classes in school since March 13, 2020. If you think distance...

Donald Trump The President of American Renewal

Here I sit on this day December 3, 2020 a proud patriotic American citizen who stands strongly in support of our nation’s President Donald J. Trump.

Reporting Election Fraud

Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas was on a conference call with the Trump Campaign Saturday afternoon. The Campaign is receiving thousands and thousands of reports of voter fraud.

Election Fraud Press Conference Today (12/16/20) at Noon

Network of left-leaning nonprofits injected private money from Facebook founder into the public administration of elections that encouraged lawlessness and destroyed confidence in electoral system.

Republican Convention Is Hope-filled

Last night was the first night of the Republican National Convention. There was quite the contrast from the Democratic National Convention. Visually it was amore appealing but what I noticed more than anything else: the RNC featured regular Americans like you and me, not the “entertainment” crowd.

Board of Education Candidate – Paulette Anders

You may recall in April of this year The Tentacle sent out a questionnaire to all the Board of Education candidates with 19 questions. When Mrs. Anders became an official candidate for the BoE we extended her the same courtesy. Sue Johnson was the only candidate who responded then and Paulette Anders responds very timely now.

BREAKING – Evidence of Voter Fraud

BREAKING – Rudy Giuliani called a press conference this afternoon at 12:00 p.m. out of frustration over major news outlets continually reporting there is “no evidence of fraud.”