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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

WANTED: Leaders of Tomorrow

At the February meeting of The Frederick County Conservative Club we empaneled four leaders from different walks of the political sphere to discuss “A Path Forward” heading into the 2021-2022 election cycles. It was an evening of strategies and ideas on growing our base, refining our messaging and bringing voters back to a Constitution centered community, state and country.

Frederick Republican Drew Inspiration From CPAC – Part Two

Congresswomen Virginia Foxx gave one of my favorite speeches on day two of the conference. Her speech focused on The Federal government not having any place in education. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention education. The Biden Administration is using the pandemic to expand government’s role in our lives. Teachers’ unions are refusing to go back to school, and Biden will not push back against them, because of the support that they gave him. We are going to be paying for this for generations to come with our children losing this year of in-person instruction.

Board of Education Candidate, Sue Johnson – Part II

Board of Education candidate answers questionnaire.

Board of Education Candidate, Sue Johnson – Part III

On April 2, The Tentacle sent a Questionnaire to each Board of Education candidate containing 19 questions. Below are Question and Answers 12-19. Part...

Call To Action – Call Your Legislature

The first Call To Action in 2021 is to contact the Frederick County Delegation and ask them to support Delegate Dan Cox's legislation:

The Gaslighting of the American People

You’ve heard it before: you’re the victim of political gaslighting. Depending on the news source, the villain might be President Trump, or Governor Cuomo, or Senator Sanders, or Gambian President Barrow. But gaslighted you are.

Dan Cox Press Release – “Emergency Response” Legislative Package

Today, Delegate Dan Cox (District 4) announces his “Emergency Response” legislative package. Clearly not all emergencies are equal. Endless emergencies that cause more harm than good only drain resources from the actions that are required. Extending states of emergency are now killing small businesses which provide the lion share of our nongovernment employment and tax base.

Rush To Judgment: The Farce Of The Left

In the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, fake moral preening left-wing agitators cry racism. They have organized and highjacked peaceful protests resulting in destruction of private businesses and private property. In New York they went as far as to deface St Patrick’s Cathedral, destroy storefronts, set fires and force curfews under the guise of First Amendment rights.

COVID19 – Hogan’s Numbers Game

On March 5, 2020 Governor Larry Hogan declared a State Of Emergency due to an “outbreak of disease”. Maryland now had its first coronavirus death while there were 177 confirmed cases nationwide.

Frederick County Conservative Club Fires Up The Community

It’s looks like Frederick County may finally have a group of conservatives actively engaging with the community and holding events to inspire and attract like-minded neighbors.