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All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

Frederick County Conservative Club’s Monthly Meeting

On Monday November 9, 2020, the Frederick County Conservative Club held its monthly meeting at the Buckeystown Pub in Buckeystown. Their guest speaker was Frederick County Councilman At Large Phil Dacey. Mr. Dacey is the lone conservative voice on the Frederick County council.

Why the Political Class Freaked Out

It’s unsurprising that governments around the world have reacted so strongly to COVID-19. I think the game-theoretic model below explains the first round nicely....

Councilman Hagen – How Dare You! Part II

Mr. Hagen was irritated by the fact Maryland doesn’t consider balloon releases “littering”.  The law only addresses objects on the ground, it is silent on objects in the sky. (Maryland Annotated Code – Criminal Law Section 10-110 - Litter Control Law.)   Objects floating in the sky aren’t addressed because they can’t be enforced.  There is no way to know, when or where the object that went up, came down.

The New Normal?

I'm starting to believe that the Democrats' efforts to enable voter fraud are just the tip of the iceberg. I'm hearing the term "new normal"...

Witchcraft, Leprosy, and Covid: “Power to Harm” as Political Weapon

The Covid pandemic is mired in questions of responsibility and blame. In the heat of panic, we abandoned all of our prior behaviors and assumptions surrounding communicable diseases, instantly replacing them with a propaganda-driven “new morality.” In the ultimate switcheroo, instead of assuming personal responsibility for our own health, we are now encouraged to blame others for hurting us if they refuse to fundamentally alter their lives in order to “protect” us.

Reject Identity Politics

The Frederick Democrat Party has said on Facebook you’re a Nazi if you don’t vote for them. This is coming from the party where a vast majority feel that killing unborn babies is acceptable, just saying. My father and his family are Jewish and I have been to more synagogues then churches.

Republicans To Black Voters: The Start Of A Conversation

Nearing the end of Black History Month, the Democratic presidential nomination contest is in a full envenerating gallop towards South Carolina: the first opportunity for a significant black population, the party’s most loyal constituency, to vote in these contests.

The Battle For Commissioner Government Begins

Citizens for Commissioner Government launched their petition signing February 1, 2020 at Fire In Ice at Market and Patrick Streets in Frederick.  Signature gatherers were stationed around the city with clip boards and petitions.

Cox’s General Assembly Report 2020 – Volume 1 Part II

HB 4 – LONG GUN REGISTRATION “BACK-GROUND CHECK” BILL Similar to the handgun board fight, the same last two weeks have been packed with fighting a dangerous registration bill of rifle and shotgun transfers requiring back-ground checks, which the Democrats have touted as their premier “gun control” legislative goal.

Executive Gardner Declares Recycling Non-Essential

Maybe you had a chance to hear County Executive Gardner on the radio say that homeowner recycling isn’t “essential”? Did you grab a cold beverage, suck it through a stainless-steal straw and ponder the revelation in her comment?