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Friday, November 27, 2020


All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

Councilman Hagen – How Dare You! Part I

Balloon releases are “symbolic speech” just like flag burning which is protected by the First Amendment of United States Constitution.  The Supreme Court has upheld that freedom of speech protects actions that society finds offensive.   As offensive as Councilman Kai Hagen may find the release of helium filled balloons that doesn’t trump our right to freedom of expression.

Frederick’s Republican Party Needs Soul Searching

With Chairman James Dvorak stepping down from the Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) beginning June 1, now might be a good time for the “Party” to take a long hard look in the mirror. The turnover in the FCRCC is cause for reflection.

Blue Masks – A Resurgence Of Brown Shirts?

While you were enjoying your Saturday morning, Councilman Kai Hagen (D) has been accused of harassing an innocent man who was shopping while not wearing a face covering.

Primary Election Results – June 2, 2020

The Tentacle is focusing on the major primary races of President, Congress and Board of Education.  A full list of results can...

Increased Taxes, Decreased Choices

When our Founders said “we” were responsible for keeping the Republic a Constitutional Republic, they weren’t kidding.  I’m going to be honest, we’ve been slacking.  For years now instead of voting for “representatives” who represent what we want for our futures, we have gotten into the pattern of voting for people representing their own self-interests or a political party we think we know.

May this Crisis Shock Us Into Embracing Freedom

During a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, certain things suddenly come into sharp focus. In this case, we are overwhelmed with examples...

The Gaslighting of the American People

You’ve heard it before: you’re the victim of political gaslighting. Depending on the news source, the villain might be President Trump, or Governor Cuomo, or Senator Sanders, or Gambian President Barrow. But gaslighted you are.

Frederick County Conservative Club’s Monthly Meeting

On Monday November 9, 2020, the Frederick County Conservative Club held its monthly meeting at the Buckeystown Pub in Buckeystown. Their guest speaker was Frederick County Councilman At Large Phil Dacey. Mr. Dacey is the lone conservative voice on the Frederick County council.

Advisor To Governors Everywhere Impervious To Virus

As posted previously, Governor Larry Hogan won't let you share simple images on his Facebook pages. He knows images convey powerful truths in less than 60 seconds. What he can't prevent, are links with powerful images.

Executive Gardner Declares Recycling Non-Essential

Maybe you had a chance to hear County Executive Gardner on the radio say that homeowner recycling isn’t “essential”? Did you grab a cold beverage, suck it through a stainless-steal straw and ponder the revelation in her comment?