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All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

Is Frederick County Public Schools Discriminating Against White Students and Teachers?

In public education, every child needs to be treated with dignity and respect.  Every child needs to be treated the same.  No child needs...

Notice Of Meeting

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Councilman Hagen – How Dare You! Part II

Mr. Hagen was irritated by the fact Maryland doesn’t consider balloon releases “littering”.  The law only addresses objects on the ground, it is silent on objects in the sky. (Maryland Annotated Code – Criminal Law Section 10-110 - Litter Control Law.)   Objects floating in the sky aren’t addressed because they can’t be enforced.  There is no way to know, when or where the object that went up, came down.

“Representatives” Not “Leaders”

Stop referring to elected officials as “leaders.” They are not “leaders”; they are “representatives.” Language matters because when you hear the word “leader” you think this person knows more than you and they are safe to “follow.” That’s not always true.

There’s Something Happening Here

So, I was thinking about a comment a leftist friend of a family member posted elsewhere. It caused me to reply with this off-the-cuff essay, and I title it "There's Something Happening Here."

Legislative Alert – Vote By Mail

This is the Democrats proposal for holding future election with automatically mailed ballots. Please oppose these bills by either sending written and/or oral testimony or encourage your members to send e-mails to the House Ways and Means Committee members opposing these bills.

Frederick Board of Health Burns the Constitution

What happened at last night’s Bord of Health hearing was a consequence of people not being engaged in the politics of their communities. It’s often boring, we get it. It’s also the only thing that keeps dictators out of public office and leaves you with the ability to make your own decisions.

Even in Frederick Trump is Transforming Political Parties

People woke up Friday morning to the news that President Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania had tested positive for COVID-19. Although it wasn’t part of the original plan, the Trump 2020 rally organized by Michelle Deanovich had a few vehicles displaying “Get Well” wishes for the President.

WANTED: Leaders of Tomorrow

At the February meeting of The Frederick County Conservative Club we empaneled four leaders from different walks of the political sphere to discuss “A Path Forward” heading into the 2021-2022 election cycles. It was an evening of strategies and ideas on growing our base, refining our messaging and bringing voters back to a Constitution centered community, state and country.

Conservative Corner – 2020 Eelection Predictions

predicting the results of the 2020 presidential election, including house and sentate races