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All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

Write in Candidates – Yea or Nay?

On October 7, the Board of Education voted to remain under the current virtual learning model. To say parents are upset is an understatement – they are livid. This anger sparked conversations and interest in possible “write-in” candidates.

What To Do About The Republican Party

The Republican Party is our party, not the suits who turned-tail and ran from Donald Trump, not the pedophile, pocket lining scumbags of The Lincoln Project. The email lists, the donor lists, all belong to us. We are the party, not them!

The Evidence For Voter Fraud

You may have seen the above image floating around the internet. The Tentacle has discovered that image comes from a November 5, 2020 interview...

Why the Political Class Freaked Out

It’s unsurprising that governments around the world have reacted so strongly to COVID-19. I think the game-theoretic model below explains the first round nicely....

The Injustice We Live In: The Frederick County Council and Board of Education

In a very disturbing video of a County Council meeting, Councilmember Jessica Fitzwater stated that she is a racist. She believes that racism is based on the color of one’s skin. “White people are white supremacists”; she says, especially if they have a higher socio-economic status or hold a position in government.

Increased Taxes, Decreased Choices

When our Founders said “we” were responsible for keeping the Republic a Constitutional Republic, they weren’t kidding.  I’m going to be honest, we’ve been slacking.  For years now instead of voting for “representatives” who represent what we want for our futures, we have gotten into the pattern of voting for people representing their own self-interests or a political party we think we know.

Donald Trump The President of American Renewal

Here I sit on this day December 3, 2020 a proud patriotic American citizen who stands strongly in support of our nation’s President Donald J. Trump.

Dan Cox Press Release – “Emergency Response” Legislative Package

Today, Delegate Dan Cox (District 4) announces his “Emergency Response” legislative package. Clearly not all emergencies are equal. Endless emergencies that cause more harm than good only drain resources from the actions that are required. Extending states of emergency are now killing small businesses which provide the lion share of our nongovernment employment and tax base.

Frederick County Citizens Peacefully Assemble In Washington, D.C.

On January 6th, members of the Frederick County Conservative Club filled 3 busses and headed to Washington D.C. to exercise their first amendment rights. No other club in Frederick has ever accomplished getting that many people together to attend a rally in DC before.

Trump Wins In the Split Electors Scenario

As you may have heard by now Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Nevada have conflicting sets of electors. What does this mean? It means the election is officially in dispute. There is no “President Elect” Biden.