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All Politics are local, or so they say.  The Tentacle’s focus is on Frederick County politics or politics that effect how we do things here in Frederick County.

Frederick Republican Drew Inspiration From CPAC – Part Three

Sonnie Johnson started off by saying that 5 years ago she told Conservatives that black men are Capitalist and are more conservative than people think. They desire to be fathers to their children, coaches of their little league, pillars in their communities, etc. but no one listened to her. She said since then she is proved to be correct as President Trump just received the highest number of black men’s votes of any Republican President. She stated that the outcome of the 2020 election could have turned out differently had more focus been on Conservatives within these minority groups. Her response to what conservatism means to her is one of the best definitions that I have ever heard.

Frederick Republican Drew Inspiration From CPAC – Part Two

Congresswomen Virginia Foxx gave one of my favorite speeches on day two of the conference. Her speech focused on The Federal government not having any place in education. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention education. The Biden Administration is using the pandemic to expand government’s role in our lives. Teachers’ unions are refusing to go back to school, and Biden will not push back against them, because of the support that they gave him. We are going to be paying for this for generations to come with our children losing this year of in-person instruction.

Frederick Republican Drew Inspiration From CPAC

On February 25th I had the opportunity to attend CPAC 2021 in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time attending CPAC and I was unsure of what to expect. Little did I know that I was about to experience one of the best weekends of my life. As I arrived, one of the first people I saw was Judge Jeannine from Fox News, and I knew then this was the beginning of a great weekend.

WANTED: Leaders of Tomorrow

At the February meeting of The Frederick County Conservative Club we empaneled four leaders from different walks of the political sphere to discuss “A Path Forward” heading into the 2021-2022 election cycles. It was an evening of strategies and ideas on growing our base, refining our messaging and bringing voters back to a Constitution centered community, state and country.

Joe Biden: 50 Years Of Lies and Gaffes

Joe Biden is being presented by the legacy media as a welcome return to normal. He is celebrated for being a “regular Joe,” and media figures are cheering that the news is “boring again.”

Running For Office In 2022?

Do you plan on running for elected office in 2022? You are eligible to file beginning February 23, 2021. If you are planning to run you should start that process now, especially if you are a Republican. Democrats in Frederick County will have financial help, volunteers and donations through the Frederick County Teachers Association, Maryland State Teachers Association PAC and many others. Republican candidates will not benefit from that type of support unless they are seeking higher office.

What To Do About The Republican Party

The Republican Party is our party, not the suits who turned-tail and ran from Donald Trump, not the pedophile, pocket lining scumbags of The Lincoln Project. The email lists, the donor lists, all belong to us. We are the party, not them!

You Say You Want a 3rd Party?

I had planned to address this topic at the last two meetings of the Frederick County Conservative Club. January’s meeting would not allow the time and Mother Nature called me in to work keeping me away from February’s meeting. If you will indulge me now…

Frederick County Board of Elections – Manual Audit of 2020 Presidential Election

The Board of Elections will live stream this audit on its Facebook page on February 16, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. The public is encouraged to watch. More information on the February 5, 2021 notification below.

Legislative Alert – End Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

There is no reason for state and federal tax dollars to go to the murder of unborn babies across our state. This is a no-brainer, common sense bill that would make a huge difference in defending life!