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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Opinion/Editorial supplied by The Tentacle writers and contributors who live or have lived in Frederick County.

De-Funding The Police Is The Answer

Defunding the police is a large part of the answer to the murder-by-cop, civil unrest, and issues that society is facing today.

Coronavirus – The Case For Self-Reliance

If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s the dangers of centralized anything.  No one government, one company or one person should...

Lessons In Humility

From a very young age my parents taught me and my brother that no matter what job, what title or what education level you...

Why Americans Struggle Against The Cults of Black Lives Matter (BLM) And The Left

The development of culture and civilization has grown out of 10 basic principles. They have formed the foundation of civility, justice, and objectivity in cultures around the world. History has shown that the decline of even one of these principles has opened a pathway for corruption, deceit, injustice, cultural decline, leftism and such groups as BLM.

Risk vs. Reward In The Age Of COVID-19

If you are like me, you are tired of living in a world filled with media and government-induced panic.  Let’s get some...

Foggy Bonding

The fog was thick and damp, it muffled the sounds one normally heard at night. All except the sound of my son’s giggling that...

Over-Heard In The Elevator

Over-heard in the elevators in Annapolis, Senators Michael Hough (R) Frederick/Carroll; J.B. Jennings (R) Baltimore/Harford; Johnny Salling (R) Baltimore; Adelaide Eckardt (R) Caroline/Dorchester/Talbot/Wicomico; George Edward...

Christ Has Risen, Will Hogan “Allow” You?

When people sit idly by watching their neighbors get arrested or fined for throwing a ball to their child in a park,...

Snitching Is Still UnAmerican

While neighbors are out narcing on neighbors for daring to step outside for fresh air and freedom, state and national elected officials continue fueling the fear by grabbing a podium and shouting “FIRE”. Authorities literally arrested a lone surfer for daring to violate a “government mandate” to be fearful and remain indoors.

What’s The Magic Number That Ends Maryland’s House Arrest?

What number does it take for Hogan to free us from house arrest, give business owners back control of their businesses and...