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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Foggy Bonding

The fog was thick and damp, it muffled the sounds one normally heard at night. All except the sound of my son’s giggling that...

Any Guy, Anytown, Frederick Maryland 2021- Part 2

When we last left Any Guy he was scratching his head wondering if an abbreviated life span might not be a blessing. ...

Lessons In Humility

From a very young age my parents taught me and my brother that no matter what job, what title or what education level you...

Any Guy, Anytown, Frederick, Maryland 2021

You are driving home to Anytown, Frederick County in mid-2021. It’s now several months into a Bernie Sanders presidency. Medicare for All is now...

Coronavirus – The Case For Self-Reliance

If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s the dangers of centralized anything.  No one government, one company or one person should...

Karl Bickel Defends 287(g) Audit

Editor’s Note:  This Letter to the Editor Originally appeared on January 7, 2020 it is re-posted here for continuity in our transition.

Have Parents Checked Out Of Public Education?

A long term substitute teacher shares porn with children.  Another teacher displays the Swastika in his classroom.  Who knows what else has been going on at Thomas Johnson High School or anywhere else in Frederick County Public Schools? It seems FCPS has become extremely efficient in hiding the truth from parents.  It’s to be expected since, they’ve had A LOT of practice.

Restoring Our Humanity

Part of the new vision of The Tentacle is to help reclaim and restore our connectedness to each other.  To rebuild the ties that bind us as families, friends and neighbors; and to understand why those ties are important.  We focus so much on the bigger picture, we have forgotten how important each piece, each tiny detail is crucial to the health, acceptance and understanding of the whole.

Rush Limbaugh: Champion Of The Average American And Defender Of America’s Founding Principles

Rush Limbaugh began his career as the preeminent voice of conservative values and America’s founding principles in 1984 on local radio in Sacramento, California.  He was the replacement for controversial talk show host Morton Downey, Jr.  His show debuted in mid-October 1984 as the “Rush Limbaugh Program.”

Justice For The Weed Family

On September 20, 2019 around 5:30 p.m., while walking around the Great Frederick Fair, John Weed of Mt. Airy was enjoying time with his family, when he was approached by two males. The two males were brothers ages 15 and 16.  They asked Mr. Weed for a dollar.  He said no, at which point some sort of dialogue began.