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Recipes are brought to you by The Tentacle on Saturdays to help reignite the joy that is “family diner”.  A time to bond and share your day over a meal.  We take out the struggle over “what” to fix.  You supply the conversation.

Potato Salad Ala Melina

It’s Vidalia onion season time!  What a great use of this tasty onion in this Italian potato salad recipe from my memory...

Napoli Bread

This wonderful savory bread was made by my mother every year at Easter, as many from Naples traditionally do.  I like to...

Crockpot Stewed Tomatoes

Time for a side dish recipe from, hopefully, what you have in your pantry.  This was an experiment on my part, and...

Baked Ziti Melina

Try the Italian version of Macaroni and Cheese--Italian comfort food never disappoints! You can even prepare this the day before. Simply cover...

Millie’s Eggs Napolitano

Ok! Here’s a traditional breakfast item I grew up with from my Naples, Italy-raised mom, so go out to your chicken coop...

Chicken Thighs Napoli, So Easy

Here’s my Italian mom’s chicken recipe--oh, so good comfort food!  Try it and let us know what you think!

Meatloaf And Veggies One Pan Meal

Many folks have their favorite comfort food meatloaf recipe.  Try mine and let us know what you think! Ingredients:

Cauliflower With Pasta

Ingredients: One Head CauliflowerOne box (1#) small pasta, like ditalini or spirals or elbowsOlive Oil3 Garlic Cloves1/8 teaspoon red...

Whole Turkey Crockpot Meal

You won’t regret cooking turkey in a crockpot! It is tender! Try it and let us know what you think. Ingredients

Easy Peasy Rice And Beans

Are you sequestering your family and yourself from the flu?  Well, here’s an easy, quick recipe from items in your...