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Education is the place for The Tentacle readers to learn about what is happening in their child’s classroom.  We publish what other media is too afraid to talk about.  Our agenda is looking out for what is in your child’s best interests and the interest of you, the parents and guardians.

Should K-12 classrooms teach from the 1619 Project?

The New York Times’s 1619 Project is coming under renewed scrutiny as the latest flashpoint in the heated cultural battles over education policy. For the past year the Times, through a partnership with the Pulitzer Center,has aggressively pushed state and local school boards to adopt its controversial readings about slavery and American history as part of their K-12 school curricula.

Do Black Americans Really Want to Defund the Police?

The media and the left in general tell us that black Americans want to “defund the police.” But is it true? The story goes that the police are violent against black Americans and that’s the motive behind the defund the police movement. But a recent survey tells a different story.

Marxist Takeover Of Public Education

As full virtual learning is rolling out in Frederick County, PLEASE take this opportunity given you to view your child’s online lessons. If there is a silver lining to the hysterical over-reaction to the pandemic, let it be it gave us all a glimpse behind the education curtain.

With Trepidation the Frederick County Public School Year Begins

Ready or not, the 2020-21 Frederick County Public School year begins on August 31st. At the 9th hour Board member Elizabeth Barrett sent out a Tweet on the morning of August 26th requesting a one-week delay. Board president, Brad Young disagreed.

Trump’s Pardon: Susan B. Anthony Remembered

August 18 marks 100 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. President Donald Trump, in a surprise move, pardoned the Women’s Suffrage movement’s Susan Brownell Anthony, to mark this century anniversary. Anthony’s crime? She dared to vote.

Help! I’m A Closet Conservative Teacher (Part I)

Conservatism, Education, and Montgomery County Public Schools is a combination that is not welcome. I have seen it firsthand. My hope is through a series of articles, I can share my experiences as a conservative teacher within the MCPS system. I look forward to shedding some light on what is happening within our public school system.

Has COVID-19 Killed Off the Kirwan Commission’s $32 billion Spending Plan?

Before COVID 19, the top agenda item of Maryland's teachers' union and their Democratic allies has been ramping up state spending to fund the Kirwan Commission's K-12 education recommendations. The price tag totals a staggering $32 billion over the next decade. Their eventual spending target hits $3.8 billion more per year. The charge exceeds $5,000 per person when dividing Kirwan's total cost among 6 million people.

Teachers Fear Discovery During Distance Learning

Many parents got a wakeup call over the weekend of August 8, 2020. Matthew Kay, a 34-year-old English teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia let the world see what many parents fear. Children ARE being indoctrinated behind closed doors out of sight of their parents.

Frederick County Public Schools and the Dismantling of America – Part III

Per her National Education Association video seen in Part II, Councilman/teacher Fitzwater admitted “Being an activist effects my students.” We know Frederick County Public Schools is currently educating our children’s teachers on “anti-racism and how to be an “anti-racist educator.”

Frederick County Public Schools and the Dismantling of America – Part II

Of the 45 Communist Goals for America previously mentioned, many of them can be seen utilized around the country by the Democrat party. For purposes of this wake up call, I’ve only chosen a few. The others are in the link provided in Part I.