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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Community is a place for The Tentacle readers and writers to share what is happening in Brunswick, Burkittsville, Ijamsville, Middletown, Mt. Airy, Thurmont, Urbana, Walkersville and everywhere else around the County, including the City of Frederick.

Homeopathy Part II – Doctors and Pills in America

If you ask a question about why America is so big on taking pills and why the medical profession places such little emphasis on preventive healthcare, making them less of a pill consumer in the long run, many people will immediately say that evil big pharma is pushing pills on Americans.

Merry Christmas

The Tentacle wishes you all a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your families (in large groups), tomorrow isn't promised, only the afterlife is.

Voting Information From the State Board of Elections

Information for Maryland early voting and election day voting.

Liberals Couldn’t Care Less About Our Food Security

I would like to share a text of an email that I sent to our county government officials. It was sent to the Frederick City mayor and aldermen and to several prominent liberal activists and so-called community leaders.

Congressman David Trone Wuhan Virus Information

The below information is provided by the office of Congressman David Trone and has been edited for space. The guidance from public health experts, however, remains the...

Moving On To The Garden Outside

As my aquaponics system is not meant as a broad gardening replacement, the last week has been focused on the outdoor garden space. Let’s walk through how to pick the proper garden spot, map it out, and realize that once you start building all of your plans will be tossed out the window and require improvisation.

Nothing Says Unity Like Division

The new Othello Park opened in Petersville Friday. I was excited to drive in and see what had been happening behind the dirt mounds that grew and moved over the years as if giant moles had taken up residence. Like a child waiting for Christmas, it felt like forever for this day to arrive.

Million MAGA March in DC This Saturday!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a HUGE national MAGA event planned for Washington D.C. this weekend, November 14, 2020.

Do You Know These Famous Veterans?

Veterans Day is a time to honor military personnel who have served to protect our freedom and liberties, some paying the ultimate price of their lives. Some make the armed forces their career, and others who serve and then choose another profession.

Aquaponics, Who Knew?

Over 10 years ago, while living in a dilapidated townhouse on Fort Meade, my gardening adventures started. I turned the back of the house into a little green paradise. Over the years, my garden space has expanded correlative with my free time and days above freezing between February and April.