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Community is a place for The Tentacle readers and writers to share what is happening in Brunswick, Burkittsville, Ijamsville, Middletown, Mt. Airy, Thurmont, Urbana, Walkersville and everywhere else around the County, including the City of Frederick.

My Journey Through 9:19

Yesterday we left off setting the stage for an interesting trip through the Bible. Let’s get to it. Disjointed ramblings or thought-provoking pearls? The journey of understanding the confusing world we live in, discovering yourself, your relationship to God and Jesus (if you want one) starts with the willingness to begin.

The Story of 9:19 – Wait, What?

If you are attune to the world, you can feel the power struggle all around. Socialists vs. Federalists, Democrats vs. Republicans. I’d like to think I’m on the side of righteousness but, am I?

What Makes Frederick A Community?

Naturally occurring communities don’t need the state to babysit them. They benefit from less taxation so they can better serve their members. In the past, communities in Midwest even sent aid to other regions of America during disasters. In such communities, people practice mutual aid that does not always register in the books.

Facebook Embraces Chinese Communist Party While Censoring Conservatives

In May of 2020, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “ I don’t think that Facebook or Internet platforms, in general, should be arbiters of truth. I think that’s kind of a dangerous line to get down to in terms of deciding what is true and what isn’t. And I think political speech is one of the most sensitive parts in a democracy and people should be able to see what politicians say and there’s a ton of scrutiny already. Political speech is the most scrutinized speech already by a lot of the media, and I think that will continue. Of course, we have lines.”

Facebook Slanders Frederick’s Conservative Citizens

Am I the only one who sees the irony in Facebook flagging “unapproved” content as sexually explicit when it isn’t? Shouldn’t those flags be reserved for the content that is actually sexually suggestive?

Frederick County Board of Elections – Manual Audit of 2020 Presidential Election

The Board of Elections will live stream this audit on its Facebook page on February 16, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. The public is encouraged to watch. More information on the February 5, 2021 notification below.

Secretary of State: What Does the Job Entail?

By: Jeff Charles  Diplomacy and foreign affairs are essential parts of running a developed country like the United States. Since 1789, the Department of State –...

Community Center Virtual 50+ Calendar – February 2021

Even though the Community Centers remain closed, the county is still trying to come up with fun and entertaining things to keep you engaged. Virtual...


When I received an email from “Americans for Homeopathy Choice”, urging me to write a comment on the FDA website, I replied, asking them to help me with my project to change the public opinion about homeopathy. They declined, stating that their organization only serves “professionals”.

Community Center Virtual 50+ Calendar – January 2021

Even though the Community Centers remain closed, the county is still trying to come up with fun and entertaining things to keep you engaged. Virtual...