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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Community is a place for The Tentacle readers and writers to share what is happening in Brunswick, Burkittsville, Ijamsville, Middletown, Mt. Airy, Thurmont, Urbana, Walkersville and everywhere else around the County, including the City of Frederick.

Things To Do This Weekend

Friday - Sunday with an occasional weekday. As normalcy returns, some local, Frederick County businesses are starting to open...

Fundraising For Frederick’s Community Cat Population

COVID-19 might be keeping you from getting out and about, however, it isn’t keeping our feline friends from what they do every...

Conversations With Our Children During Forced Isolation

My son has been, like every other kid out of school and home. It’s been a change for him as well as...

Feral Cats Still Need Attention

The Department of Agriculture has delayed the grant process for their Spay and Neuter Grant program.    Organizations like Tip Me Frederick...

More Adventures In Gardening

I’ve always maintained that whenever the government restricts something, it merely indicates the increased need for the average citizen to purchase the restricted item. This goes for firearms, encryption, and now seeds. State governments have decided that seeds and agricultural items are “non-essential”, which was the primary driver for me to complete the garden planting as soon as possible.

Coming Together For Those In Need

When David Perez called and asked if I could help lend a hand helping make sure the 12 recovery houses in Frederick County had...

Moving On To The Garden Outside

As my aquaponics system is not meant as a broad gardening replacement, the last week has been focused on the outdoor garden space. Let’s walk through how to pick the proper garden spot, map it out, and realize that once you start building all of your plans will be tossed out the window and require improvisation.

Call To Action – Non-Perishable Food Needed

**ATTENTION** There are many in need of non perishable food items, especially in the recovery community.

Congressman David Trone Wuhan Virus Information

The below information is provided by the office of Congressman David Trone and has been edited for space. The guidance...

The Bill of Rights: Protecting the People

By: GenZStaff After the Articles of Confederation didn’t work out for the new United States, the Constitution was written and...