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Monday, June 14, 2021

Legislative Alert – Vote By Mail

This is the Democrats proposal for holding future election with automatically mailed ballots. Please oppose these bills by either sending written and/or oral testimony or encourage your members to send e-mails to the House Ways and Means Committee members opposing these bills.

The Electoral College – Does it Work for America?

The electoral college has been the subject of debate since it was first created. Recently, arguments for and against the institution have bubbled back up to the surface. As the American experiment progresses, it will become even more critical for people to understand this component of the electoral process.

Super Tuesday: What Is It And Where Did It Come From?

Super Tuesday is a big day for presidential primaries - votes to decide who will be chosen to represent a political party in an election.

Napoli Bread

This wonderful savory bread was made by my mother every year at Easter, as many from Naples traditionally do.  I like to make it...

The Constitution: The Foundation Of A Nation

By Liberty Nation GenZ Staff Before there was the United States, colonists from other countries lived in America but were still ruled by their home countries. After...

Republican Club of Frederick County Endorses Write-In Candidate Paulette Anders for Board of Education

After putting out their initial endorsements on October 21, the Republican Club of Frederick County has recently added to their list of endorsements Paulette Anders for the Board of Education. Ms. Anders is the write-in candidate The Tentacle wrote about on October 19, 2020.

Independence Day Cole Slaw

I was digging in my recipe box looking for a quick salad for the holiday weekend. I found one, but I cannot say I created it. Did you know “Cole Slaw” comes from the Dutch for Cabbage Salad? I didn’t until recently.

Frederick County Public Schools and the Dismantling of America – Part II

Of the 45 Communist Goals for America previously mentioned, many of them can be seen utilized around the country by the Democrat party. For purposes of this wake up call, I’ve only chosen a few. The others are in the link provided in Part I.

Dan Cox Press Release – “Emergency Response” Legislative Package

Today, Delegate Dan Cox (District 4) announces his “Emergency Response” legislative package. Clearly not all emergencies are equal. Endless emergencies that cause more harm than good only drain resources from the actions that are required. Extending states of emergency are now killing small businesses which provide the lion share of our nongovernment employment and tax base.

Delegate Dan Cox’s Report From Annapolis