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Sunday, August 9, 2020


Rioting – The Coronavirus Cure

I don't know how many of you engage in social media but up until recently I only used Facebook to post family pictures and trivial things like that. Then the pandemic started and everything changed.

Adventures In Gardening Stop For No Man, Or Judge

It’s been a while since you have been treated to a garden update. I’ve been a little busy exposing some rampant incompetence at Frederick County Public Schools. As the fates have woven into my tale, now I have to ruin a Judge and a Magistrate’s entire career. But the garden does not stop and is a much happier story.

National Basketball Association’s 2020 Outlook

The National Basketball Association (NBA) reported two weeks ago that the 2020 season would resume on the 31st of July this year. Play would resume in Orlando, Florida, with the participation of 22 of its 30 teams.

An Open Letter To Republicans

Today, I changed my voter registration from “Republican” to “unaffiliated.” I have spent most of my adult life registered as a Republican, working to elect Republican candidates and contributing to Republican causes. But no more. My views are solely my own, and though I hope others feel the way I do, they reflect only my views, not my wife’s or anyone else’s.

Ethics: Dan Bongino And The Judicial Committee

Dan Bongino, former NY City police officer and lead Secret Service Agent, testified before the House Judicial Committee demonstrating an understanding of ethics, reason, and strength. Dan’s testimony was powerful against the lunacy to defund the police.

Why Obama Endorsed Joe Biden

Anyone who doubts that Barack Obama has a sense of humor should take a look at his endorsement of Joe Biden for president of the United States. Really, it’s a skilled performance, and delivered, mirabile dictu, with a straight face. Give it a try. Seriously, go grab a mirror and put on your best sincere expression and say out loud, “Joe Biden would bring ‘leadership guided by knowledge and experience, honesty and humility, empathy and grace’ to the Capital.”

“Representatives” Not “Leaders”

Stop referring to elected officials as “leaders.” They are not “leaders”; they are “representatives.” Language matters because when you hear the word “leader” you think this person knows more than you and they are safe to “follow.” That’s not always true.

Grace’s (Experimental) Shrimp And Grits

The first time I heard about shrimp and grits I thought: “Eew.” Then one day in a restaurant with a friend, I ordered it. It was delicious. Since then I have experimented with the dish different ways. Here’s one I threw together a few days ago from pantry items when I had a craving. Try it and let us know what you think!