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Vladimir Tolskiy

Vladimir Tolskiy
Vladimir was born in Moscow, Russia in 1991. He moved to Frederick in 2001 where he attended Public School and Frederick Community College.

Education and the Decay of the American Nation

In the 20th century, schools where the places that defined that national ideology, defined nationality by teaching common (heroic) mythos of what it means to be of a given nationality: fairy tales, basic history with stories about national heroes, “our courageous pilots defeated the evil Nazis”, why are we proud of who we are, etc.

What Makes Frederick A Community?

Naturally occurring communities don’t need the state to babysit them. They benefit from less taxation so they can better serve their members. In the past, communities in Midwest even sent aid to other regions of America during disasters. In such communities, people practice mutual aid that does not always register in the books.

Public Demand for Equity

I told you about my fasting in my last column. Part of fasting is analyzing and forgiving the past. There is no need to think about preparing food and eating it. Fasting frees a lot of time. I stepped out of the rat race.

Frederick Democrat Explains – Why I Went From Left To Right

I am mainly writing to satisfy your curiosity: “Why is this Russian waving American flags with us? Is he really a patriot? Is he a Soviet spy?”


When I received an email from “Americans for Homeopathy Choice”, urging me to write a comment on the FDA website, I replied, asking them to help me with my project to change the public opinion about homeopathy. They declined, stating that their organization only serves “professionals”.

Experts and Alternative Medicine – Should They Co-Exist?

Professional organizations Hopefully people who read The Tentacle understand that any professional organization, including labor unions, leverage the interests of a particular group of professionals against the interests of the rest of the society. One of...

Homeopathy Part II – Doctors and Pills in America

If you ask a question about why America is so big on taking pills and why the medical profession places such little emphasis on preventive healthcare, making them less of a pill consumer in the long run, many people will immediately say that evil big pharma is pushing pills on Americans.

A Place For Homeopathy In Frederick

While prejudice towards homeopathy in America is still great, many Western European countries, such as the United Kingdom, have integrated homeopathy into the healthcare system. This may also relate to the amount of COVID cases that we have, compared to the rest of the world, including more poor countries, such as India and South-East Asia, where homeopathy coexists with traditional medicine.

Liberals Couldn’t Care Less About Our Food Security

I would like to share a text of an email that I sent to our county government officials. It was sent to the Frederick City mayor and aldermen and to several prominent liberal activists and so-called community leaders.

Democrats Re-Distribute to Divide and Rule

Frederick is under Democrats: the mayor of the City is a Democrat, the County Executive and the majority of County Council members are Democrats, the majority votes for a Democratic presidential candidate. To a liberal, this may sound like a triumph of common sense, humanism, and compassion over archaic exploitative rule of the evil Conservatives. Or is it so?
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