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Seth Eisenberg
Jonah Seth Eisenberg father of 5 and a grandfather to 2. He has been in the Frederick County area for 35+ years. He, along with several other members of his family, have proudly served in the military and in other careers of service to the community. While in the US Navy he held a Top Secret Clearance. He is a firm believer in honesty and accountability at all levels of government. He worked 20 years in the security field as a manager and during that time he received several awards and accolades. He now works a quality assurance manager and spends his free time with his 10 year old son.

Frederick County Eyeing Making Virtual Learning Permanent?

I personally think you should pull your children out of public schools. Any parent that has sat in on the virtual learning I’m sure has learned by now, their kids aren’t learning much of anything. It’s not the teacher’s fault, it’s the teacher’s union race hustlers and social justice sheep that are in charge you should be holding accountable.

Frederick County Citizens Peacefully Assemble In Washington, D.C.

On January 6th, members of the Frederick County Conservative Club filled 3 busses and headed to Washington D.C. to exercise their first amendment rights. No other club in Frederick has ever accomplished getting that many people together to attend a rally in DC before.

Are We Ready To Call A Truce?

After all the phone calls, marches and letters Dear Leader Hogan has decided to not remove any of the current restrictions. Is anyone really shocked by this? I mean, when in recent history has any politician ever really listened to the public? Why would they, if they don't what's the worst they have to deal with, some angry letters or phone calls?

Frederick Republicans Split On The Right To Protest

In light of the recent resolution passed by the Frederick County Board of Health, many county residents are upset, while small businesses owners are furious. After the Board received over an hour of calls from residents and businesses owners expressing their desire for the resolution and its increased restrictions on businesses to be struck down, it passed. A vast majority of residents are angered.

Frederick County Conservative Club’s Monthly Meeting

On Monday November 9, 2020, the Frederick County Conservative Club held its monthly meeting at the Buckeystown Pub in Buckeystown. Their guest speaker was Frederick County Councilman At Large Phil Dacey. Mr. Dacey is the lone conservative voice on the Frederick County council.

Remember the Time Lois Jarman Wanted to Write a School Policy She, Herself Didn’t...

On November 9, 2019 around 1:44 pm Board of Education member Lois Jarman was using her cell phone while driving west on Shepherdstown Pike when she rear-ended another car. The impact forced that car into oncoming traffic injuring another family.

Got Privilege?

I’m so tired – so, so, so very tired! I’m tired every time I turn around of being called a “RACIST!” simply because I’m white. I’m tired that I’m told I have a “privileged life” simply because I’m white. I’m tired of hearing only white people are the ones capable of being racist! I’m tired of seeing people attacking police officers, burning building, looting and assaulting others while being told they are “peacefully protesting”. If I say otherwise - “Racist!”

A Tale Of Two Protests

On July 14th downtown Frederick hosted two, 287(g) rallies. One rally in support of the 287(g) program and one against.

De-funding The Police Is Not A Solution

First, what happened to George Floyd was reprehensible and the officers involved need to be held accountable. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. We trust the police to protect us and help maintain order, we trust them enough to give them certain authority over us so they can perform those duties.

Toying With Year Round School

Year round school!! That's the answer, we need year round school. It seems that's the new thing. If we only had year round school things would be better. Everywhere you look on social media someone is saying how wonderful and helpful year round school is. The more I see them talking about it, the less I think they understand. Not to be rude, but year round school isn't something new, it’s been around for quite a while and not widely adopted.

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