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Patricia (Patti) Price is a scientist and healthcare executive. She is a generalist with over 30 years of experience in every area of clinical laboratory medicine. Early in her career she began her involvement with health care regulations and policy. Working in various settings, including acute care, and managed care, she developed a strong working knowledge of health systems, and human services policy. She has advised White House cabinet members, as well as members of the ministry of health in more than 15 countries. She has served on the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee, as well as a partisan steering committee on Capitol Hill. She has built and managed clinical laboratories around the world, as well as medical and surgical specialty clinics in the United States. Civic engagement and liberty is important to her; she loves God, country, and family. Patricia is extremely grateful to be an American citizen, the only country in the world where one’s dreams can come true with hard work and commitment. She hopes to inspire and empower her readers.

Principles Of Ethics: Back-Pocket Activism

Recently, Congressman Cedric Richmond (D) verbally mauled Congressman Matthew Gaetz (R) for being white.  Richmond, an African American Harvard educated elite, believes...

Ethics: Dan Bongino And The Judicial Committee

Dan Bongino, former NY City police officer and lead Secret Service Agent, testified before the House Judicial Committee demonstrating an understanding of...

Why Americans Struggle Against The Cults of Black Lives Matter (BLM) And The Left

The development of culture and civilization has grown out of 10 basic principles.  They have formed the foundation of civility, justice, and...

American Politics and Civil Disobedience: Thoreau Revisited

In his essay Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau wrote; “government is best which governs not at all.”  Although sometimes criticized as an...

Rush To Judgment: The Farce Of The Left

In the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, fake moral preening left-wing agitators cry racism.  They have organized and highjacked...

When Science Takes Away Your Rights

During this COVID-19 epidemic, there is a hidden pandemic.  A dangerous infection has pervaded American society; it is scientism.  Scientism is the...
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