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Republican Kelly Schulz enters Maryland governor’s race

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Kelly Schulz, the head of Maryland's Commerce Department, announced Wednesday she will seek the Republican nomination in the state's 2022 governor's race.

Fort Meade units undergo mandatory extremism training

He knows that there are members of the Army and the military as a whole that express extremist behaviors. That was only reinforced by the training he underwent and led regarding extremism in the military.

The Dangers of Masks

This is a public health warning to the US population and elsewhere, as it appears that our public health agencies and television medical experts seem unable to address key health messages that could have a dramatic effect in reducing risk of severe sequelae in higher-risk populations such as the minority and African-American population to the scourge of SARS-CoV-2. This is now clear. They have squandered many an opportunity to inform the public on simple yet very effective messaging that could reduce morbidity and save lives. Not just for Covid-19, but our focus here is on Covid-19.

Bitcoin Is Displacing Gold as an Inflation Hedge

How to explain bitcoin? As I said a couple of weeks ago, it’s hard to dismiss the digital currency as a classic investment bubble because — unlike any of the other historical manias which have seen similarly extreme gains in price — it has formed a series of bubbles, which have burst and then reinflated. Bubbles aren’t supposed to do this: They are booms grown so large that they cannot gently deflate and must burst, never to return.

Lin Wood on Saving America: Speak Truth and Fight Back

L. Lin Wood, a recent transplant to South Carolina, is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Georgia, a privilege he’s held for almost forty-four years. During that time, he’s been a member in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia. A true patriot who cares deeply about the United States of America and all she stands for, Mr. Wood is currently under attack by the State Bar of Georgia with an unprecedented effort underway by its Disciplinary Board to ban him from practicing law in the state unless he submits to a psychological evaluation to determine his mental fitness.

Catholic Commentator Brands London Police Raid on Church a ‘Chilling Attack on Freedom of...

In video that went viral on social media over the weekend, footage from inside the Christ the King Polish Roman Catholic Church showed Metropolitan Police Service officers shutting down a Good Friday service, threatening congregants with £200 fines if they did not leave.

Satan Shoes Sent Back to Hell

The other day we learned about the story of the customized Air Jordan's, being promoted by Lil Nas X as “Satan Shoes. ”Well, it looks as if Satan is no longer in position to be attached to anyone’s feet.
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