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10 Reasons Making it to Church Will Improve Your Week

It used to be seen as the right thing to do. So you did it. You made the effort. Walked barefoot through rain, hail, sleet, snow, or shine. You dressed in hats and your Sunday best because that was what you did. You went to church. Every week.

Arizona Audit Heats Up, Hand Counting Almost Finished, Pennsylvania, Georgia & More Are Next?

Phoenix, AZ – Auditors are making great strides as they are now breaking down counting tables to make room for more scanning tables.

Amazon driver attacks 67-year-old woman during delivery dispute

A 21-year-old Amazon driver has been arrested after savagely attacking a 67-year-old customer Thursday following a dispute over a delivery in Castro Valley, Calif.

CCP threatens 7 Hong Kong Catholic churches over Tiananmen Square remembrance mass

Seven Hong Kong Catholic churches, which were to hold mass to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 by the Chinese Communist Party, found threatening signs posted in front of their buildings, according to reports.

Supreme Court denies Colorado churches’ request for relief from COVID-19 worship restrictions

The United States Supreme Court has rejected a request for emergency relief from two churches that are challenging Colorado's restrictions on worship in response to COVID-19.

Hunter Biden brought VP Joe to dinner with shady business partners

By Miranda Devine Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates of his son’s at a dinner in Washington, DC, while he was vice president, records on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show. The dinner,...

Report: Trump And Newt Gingrich Teaming Up For New ‘Contract With America’

Donald Trump is reportedly teaming up with Newt Gingrich on a new ‘MAGA doctrine’ for the Republican Party, using the famed “Contract with America” as a framework.

Restoring the Covenant – Trump the Second Cyrus

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow appear on Flyover Conservatives. Mr. Enlow explains the Biblical connection between Cyrus of the old testament and Donald Trump.

To the Bat Cave: Scientists Reignite Polarizing Debate on COVID Origin

Once dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the idea that the COVID virus escaped from a Chinese lab is gaining high-profile attention. As it does, reputations of renowned scientists are at risk — and so is their personal safety.

WAYNE ROOT: If You Believe 60 Judges Turned Down “Stolen Election,” You’re Either an...

Americans are finally seriously questioning the results of the 2020 election. The light bulb has gone off. Americans are starting to understand the 2020 presidential election was stolen. And they’re no longer afraid to say it out loud.
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