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The Constitution: The Foundation Of A Nation

By Liberty Nation GenZ Staff Before there was the United States, colonists from other countries lived in America but were...

Karl Bickel Defends 287(g) Audit

Editor’s Note:  This Letter to the Editor Originally appeared on January 7, 2020 it is re-posted here for continuity in our transition.

Republicans To Black Voters: The Start Of A Conversation

Nearing the end of Black History Month, the Democratic presidential nomination contest is in a full envenerating gallop towards South Carolina: the first opportunity for a significant black population, the party’s most loyal constituency, to vote in these contests.

The Republican Women Of Frederick County Salutes: Hiram Rhodes Revels, America’s First African American...

It is likely that many, if not most Americans, assume no African American ever held high public office until Barbara Jordan was elected to Congress in 1972. It is also likely that most Americans assume Jordan to be the first African American from the South elected to hold high office in the Federal government. Both of these assumptions are incorrect.

The Republican Women Of Frederick County Salute Ida B. Wells

When you hear the name Ida B. Wells, what words come to mind? Journalist? Civil rights activist? Suffragette? Abolitionist? Indeed, all these words accurately describe Ida B. Wells, but there is another word that describes her just as accurately as all the others, and probably, it is one that will surprise you. That word is Republican

Partisanship And Voting Trends In State And Local Elections

In his 2018 book “The Increasingly United States,” Daniel J. Hopkins summarizes the circumstances surrounding state and local politics. In it, he looks at the factors that have made national politics the dominant focus for American citizens. The gist of his book is that Americans’ interest in politics at the national level has remained steady over the years, while interest in state and local politics has declined considerably.

Cox’s General Assembly Report 2020 – Volume 1 Part II

HB 4 – LONG GUN REGISTRATION “BACK-GROUND CHECK” BILL Similar to the handgun board fight, the same last two weeks have been packed with fighting a dangerous registration bill of rifle and shotgun transfers requiring back-ground checks, which the Democrats have touted as their premier “gun control” legislative goal.

Delegate Dan Cox’s Report From Annapolis


Michael Bunitsky On Public Service And Other Things

When I learned Michael Bunitsky wasn’t going to run for another term on the Board of Education I asked him if he would tell me why.  Mr. Bunitsky and I have disagreed on many, many things but his response below will illustrate why I have the utmost respect for him as a human being.

Political Corner

What follows is a summary of the bills that I will be introducing this session. They are in varying stages of drafting, negotiating, and hearing preparation.
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