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Maryland State Board of Education Invites Live Public Comment to Virtual Board Meetings

BALTIMORE, MD – The Maryland State Department of Education invites live public comments in future meetings of the Maryland State Board of Education beginning with the next virtual meeting scheduled Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Members of the public are encouraged to submit comment(s)/feedback to the State Board of Education to share their views on issues pertaining to matters under Board authority and the administration of State public school systems.

Masks, Seatbelts, and Peltzman Effects

A few days ago, my home province of Quebec (I am a Canadian) passed a regulation that made compulsory the use of face masks in public. The main motivation for the regulation is the prevention of a second wave of the coronavirus. The reaction has been virulent on the part of skeptics who argue that masks are inefficient and that the compulsion by the state is an infringement of personal rights.

A Cuban History Lesson

As the 50th anniversary of my arrival on these American shores approaches, I feel compelled to relate some of the stories of...

A Picture Is Worse Than A Thousand Words

A popular link circulating on the internet shows the results of a demonstration. Dr. Richard Davis sneezed, sang, talked, and coughed into agar cultures wearing a standard surgical mask, and again using no mask. The result is a powerful image: The cultures without the mask clearly show more microorganism growth.

What Good Comes From This Tragedy

Many millions of people have spent the last four months in sadness and depression. It’s hard to watch the world shattered by...

What The Founders Sacrificed So YOU Could Live Free

Paul Harvey tells the story of what happened to some of the Founders after they mutually pledge to each other their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

Superintendent of Maryland Schools – Planning For The Fall

With the 2019-20 school year now closed, I hope that our students, teachers, parents, administrators and staff enjoy time to recharge as we close the unprecedented 2019-2020 school year. Together we redefined education – moving classrooms from brick and mortar settings to the virtual sphere.

Teaching Is Not Telling

“Teaching is not telling”. Wise words spoken many years ago by a well-known Frederick County Public Schools administrator. This man is still working in the trenches, down at the school level, where he continues to make things happen.

Message From Karen Salmon, Superintendent Maryland Public Schools

As we close out the school year, I applaud the outstanding efforts of administrators, educators, support staff, and parents for engaging children in learning during this historic pandemic. Special congratulations to our Class of 2020 graduating seniors and families who have had to sacrifice the traditional rites of passage associated with high school commencements with grace and maturity.

An Open Letter To Republicans

Today, I changed my voter registration from “Republican” to “unaffiliated.” I have spent most of my adult life registered as a Republican, working to elect Republican candidates and contributing to Republican causes. But no more. My views are solely my own, and though I hope others feel the way I do, they reflect only my views, not my wife’s or anyone else’s.

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