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Adventures In Gardening Stop For No Man, Or Judge

It’s been a while since you have been treated to a garden update. I’ve been a little busy exposing some rampant incompetence at Frederick County Public Schools. As the fates have woven into my tale, now I have to ruin a Judge and a Magistrate’s entire career. But the garden does not stop and is a much happier story.

De-Funding The Police Is The Answer

Defunding the police is a large part of the answer to the murder-by-cop, civil unrest, and issues that society is facing today.

Whistleblower Reports Child Abuse At Carroll Manor Elementary School

A Miner Detail received the document below from an anonymous source. The document below states that parents whose children attend Carroll Manor Elementary School in Adamstown, Maryland received an e-mail on August 15, 2019.

More Adventures In Gardening

I’ve always maintained that whenever the government restricts something, it merely indicates the increased need for the average citizen to purchase the restricted item. This goes for firearms, encryption, and now seeds. State governments have decided that seeds and agricultural items are “non-essential”, which was the primary driver for me to complete the garden planting as soon as possible.

Moving On To The Garden Outside

As my aquaponics system is not meant as a broad gardening replacement, the last week has been focused on the outdoor garden space. Let’s walk through how to pick the proper garden spot, map it out, and realize that once you start building all of your plans will be tossed out the window and require improvisation.

Aquaponics, Who Knew?

Over 10 years ago, while living in a dilapidated townhouse on Fort Meade, my gardening adventures started. I turned the back of the house into a little green paradise. Over the years, my garden space has expanded correlative with my free time and days above freezing between February and April.
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