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Cindy A. Rose began writing for the Tentacle in 2011 trying to raise awareness over things happening within Frederick County Public Schools. She began keeping a close watch on FCPS when she learned there were not enough air conditioned buses for special needs children during the hot Maryland summers. The Tentacle offered her a place to share her concerns with her community when local newspapers didn’t always. Cindy had the opportunity to buy the Tentacle from creator/owner John W. Ashbury in 2019, so she did. She believed then, as she believes now, our communities, friends and neighbors have important things to say that needs to be shared with those living around them. Large corporate news companies don’t always share in those passions and concerns. The Tentacle is a local news, commentary and community website run by citizens, for citizens. Its success depends on your participation.

“Representatives” Not “Leaders”

Stop referring to elected officials as “leaders.” They are not “leaders”; they are “representatives.” Language matters because when you hear the word “leader” you think this person knows more than you and they are safe to “follow.” That’s not always true.

Defund Public Education, Not Police Departments

While Liberals, Democrats and Progressives are running around calling for the defunding and restructuring of police departments, Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians should be in the streets calling for the defunding and restructuring of public education.

Spinach Is Delicious, I Promise

Another one of those silver linings in the current state of being lockeddown, is the renewed interest in home gardens.  In keeping with our policy that Sundays are about family and restoring the family...

Primary Election Results – June 2, 2020

The Tentacle is focusing on the major primary races of President, Congress and Board of Education.  A full list of results can be located here. Presidential Race Republican – Donald J. Trump – 8,742 votesDemocrat –...

Frederick County Wall of Shame

A new feature of The Tentacle will be the Frederick County Wall of Shame. The Wall will be used to post pictures of elected representatives who have lost the public trust through words and/or deeds.

Board of Education Candidate, Sue Johnson – Part II

Board of Education candidate answers questionnaire.

Community Center Virtual 50+ Calendar – June 1-12

Community Center Virtual 50+ Calendar - June 1-12

EMERGENCY Call to Governor to Rescind Mask Mandate

Peter Manfredonia is suspected of murdering two people on May 22, 2020 in Willington, Connecticut. NBC News reported he was last seen on May 27th in a Sheetz in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Board of Education Candidate, Sue Johnson – Part I

On April 2, The Tentacle sent a Questionnaire to each Board of Education candidate containing 19 questions. Below are Question and Answers 1-5 from Sue Johnson.

Proposing Legislation in Annapolis for 2021

On May 9, 2020 the below email was sent to every Republican in the General Assembly in Annapolis. Every Marylander who cares about preserving their natural born, United States Constitutional protected rights, should be sending letters, e-mails and making phone calls regularly. Shutting down the State should NEVER be able to happen again.

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