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Cindy A. Rose began writing for the Tentacle in 2011 trying to raise awareness over things happening within Frederick County Public Schools. She began keeping a close watch on FCPS when she learned there were not enough air conditioned buses for special needs children during the hot Maryland summers. The Tentacle offered her a place to share her concerns with her community when local newspapers didn’t always. Cindy had the opportunity to buy the Tentacle from creator/owner John W. Ashbury in 2019, so she did. She believed then, as she believes now, our communities, friends and neighbors have important things to say that needs to be shared with those living around them. Large corporate news companies don’t always share in those passions and concerns. The Tentacle is a local news, commentary and community website run by citizens, for citizens. Its success depends on your participation.

Reclaiming A Humble Existence On Freedom Day

We have all heard of, or maybe even known, that person in the neighborhood who until the moment they passed away we had no idea they were so charitable. Then slowly the quiet chatter rose about all the lives they had touched. We didn’t know they were the ones responsible for the new roof on the Smith house and for seeing that Mr. Jones made it to his chemotherapy appointments every Thursday.

The Conservative Purge Begins

So it begins, the purging of conservative voices. Lovers of the Constitution and federalism have been trying to sound the alarm for years now. You were warned Democrats had been replaced by totalitarian socialists. “Co-existence” is not their goal.

Frederick County Public Schools Christmas Gift to Parents – No More Small Group Instruction...

Happy New Year from Frederick County Public Schools, your in-school learning and winter sports have been cancelled! That’s pretty much the message parents received in a Find Out First message 9:00 a.m. January 3, 2021 – the morning before their children were about to go back to school.

Ham and Swiss Mac and Cheese

It’s New Year’s Day so you might not feel like making a big fuss over dinner tonight. Here’s a fast and delicious meal you can prepare using some of your left-over Christmas ham. Feel free to add ingredients you like. Cooking is science, you should experiment.

Frederick County Goes to Washington, January 6

In case you have been living in a cave or avoiding social media, you might be unaware there is a Million MAGA March in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021 beginning at Noon on the National Mall.

Community Center Virtual 50+ Calendar – January 2021

Even though the Community Centers remain closed, the county is still trying to come up with fun and entertaining things to keep you engaged. Virtual 50+ Community Center Programs and Registration Information January Calendar. * * *...

Amistad Project Report on Election Interference and Fraud

On December 16, 2020 Phill Kline of the Thomas More Society and James Carlson of Stillwater Technical Solutions spent over an hour and 45 minutes laying out how Mark Zuckerberg and at least 10 other non-profits interfered in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump Wins In the Split Electors Scenario

As you may have heard by now Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Nevada have conflicting sets of electors. What does this mean? It means the election is officially in dispute. There is no “President Elect” Biden.

Semi-Homemade Enchiladas

It’s snowing outside and many of us are all about the quick meal so we can enjoy some fun in the snow. Or maybe you’re like me and you’d just like to sit in a chair and watch the whiteness blanket the backyard while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

The Winning Is In The Losing

There are several kinds of people who want to be a part of the political arena: Those who were faced with a problem and thought being a councilman, delegate, board of education member or similar would fix it and those who want the power a political office holds so they look for an issue, glom on to it and ride it into political office.

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