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Cindy A. Rose began writing for the Tentacle in 2011 trying to raise awareness over things happening within Frederick County Public Schools. She began keeping a close watch on FCPS when she learned there were not enough air conditioned buses for special needs children during the hot Maryland summers. The Tentacle offered her a place to share her concerns with her community when local newspapers didn’t always. Cindy had the opportunity to buy the Tentacle from creator/owner John W. Ashbury in 2019, so she did. She believed then, as she believes now, our communities, friends and neighbors have important things to say that needs to be shared with those living around them. Large corporate news companies don’t always share in those passions and concerns. The Tentacle is a local news, commentary and community website run by citizens, for citizens. Its success depends on your participation.

Frederick County Karens Bringing The Shame

The Frederick County “Karen’s” have created a Facebook Page: Frederick County WALL of SHAME Anti Maskers Exposed. You have to laugh because those of us who don’t wear masks aren’t really ashamed or hiding it. You should also be nervous because these kinds of groups incite violence toward the innocent whose only crime is disagreeing with the use of face masks.

Marxist Takeover Of Public Education

As full virtual learning is rolling out in Frederick County, PLEASE take this opportunity given you to view your child’s online lessons. If there is a silver lining to the hysterical over-reaction to the pandemic, let it be it gave us all a glimpse behind the education curtain.

With Trepidation the Frederick County Public School Year Begins

Ready or not, the 2020-21 Frederick County Public School year begins on August 31st. At the 9th hour Board member Elizabeth Barrett sent out a Tweet on the morning of August 26th requesting a one-week delay. Board president, Brad Young disagreed.

Republican Convention Is Hope-filled

Last night was the first night of the Republican National Convention. There was quite the contrast from the Democratic National Convention. Visually it was amore appealing but what I noticed more than anything else: the RNC featured regular Americans like you and me, not the “entertainment” crowd.

Deconstructed Enchiladas

What do you fix for dinner when you have run out of ideas and nothing sounds appetizing? The other day I threw something together and hoped for the best. I must admit, I thought it was pretty tasty. I’m calling it Deconstructed Enchiladas. Give it a try and let us know in the comments.

Democrats Pledge To Unite America

I wanted to watch the Democratic National Convention (DNC). When I learned that Socialist Bernie Sanders was allotted more time than any other speaker (eight minutes), I was very disappointed.

Teachers Fear Discovery During Distance Learning

Many parents got a wakeup call over the weekend of August 8, 2020. Matthew Kay, a 34-year-old English teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia let the world see what many parents fear. Children ARE being indoctrinated behind closed doors out of sight of their parents.

Dehumanizing Your Neighbor Leads to Violence

Dehumanization is “the psychological process of demonizing the enemy, making them seem less than human and hence not worthy of humane treatment." - Michelle Maiese, Emmanuel College Philosophy Department Chair.

Anal Sex In The 8th Grade Classroom – Part II

My angst began with the cavalier way sex education appears to be taught in our local classrooms. Disappointment became a companion to angst at the thought of how little respect Frederick County Public Schools looks to have for our daughters.

Frederick County Public Schools and the Dismantling of America – Part III

Per her National Education Association video seen in Part II, Councilman/teacher Fitzwater admitted “Being an activist effects my students.” We know Frederick County Public Schools is currently educating our children’s teachers on “anti-racism and how to be an “anti-racist educator.”

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