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Cindy A. Rose began writing for the Tentacle in 2011 trying to raise awareness over things happening within Frederick County Public Schools. She began keeping a close watch on FCPS when she learned there were not enough air conditioned buses for special needs children during the hot Maryland summers. The Tentacle offered her a place to share her concerns with her community when local newspapers didn’t always. Cindy had the opportunity to buy the Tentacle from creator/owner John W. Ashbury in 2019, so she did. She believed then, as she believes now, our communities, friends and neighbors have important things to say that needs to be shared with those living around them. Large corporate news companies don’t always share in those passions and concerns. The Tentacle is a local news, commentary and community website run by citizens, for citizens. Its success depends on your participation.

Write in Candidates – Yea or Nay?

On October 7, the Board of Education voted to remain under the current virtual learning model. To say parents are upset is an understatement – they are livid. This anger sparked conversations and interest in possible “write-in” candidates.

Throwing Darts at the Board of Education

Take a quick scroll around Facebook and Twitter and you might learn a few things about the state of public education. If the virus from Wuhan has any positives, it’s that it’s unmasked a few myths

Even in Frederick Trump is Transforming Political Parties

People woke up Friday morning to the news that President Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania had tested positive for COVID-19. Although it wasn’t part of the original plan, the Trump 2020 rally organized by Michelle Deanovich had a few vehicles displaying “Get Well” wishes for the President.

Community Center Virtual 50+ Calendar – October 2020

Even though the Community Centers remain closed, the county is still trying to come up with fun and entertaining things to keep...

Ronald Reagan’s A Time For Choosing

Today would be the perfect day to spend some time listening to the speech that is said to have put Ronald Reagan on the road to the Presidency. It's perfect for today because we find ourselves once again in a time for choosing. Do we surrender to the Democrat/Socialist/Marxists or fight with all that is in us to keep the American dream alive?

Results – Summary of FCPS Reopening Survey Data

With the growing concern over getting our children back in school as quickly as possible I have been seeing more parents asking what the results to the Reopening Parent Survey were. The Tentacle provides you with two images from the five-page survey results as shared during the July 29, 2020 Board of Education Meeting.

Frederick Parents Unite to Bring Back Fall Sports and Open Schools

As we head into week three of virtual distance learning, a group of Frederick County parents have started a Facebook Group worthy of joining – FCPS MD H.S. Parents Unite to Bring Back Fall Sports.

Celebrate Entrepreneurs, Don’t Guillotine Them

Imagine a benefactor, almost a Santa Claus, who provides millions of dollars worth of goods each day to millions of customers. The goods are more bountiful, cheaper, and easier to purchase from his store than any single retail establishment of the past, even the vaunted shopping malls and department stores, like Macy’s, which once called itself the “largest store in the world.”

Nothing Says Unity Like Division

The new Othello Park opened in Petersville Friday. I was excited to drive in and see what had been happening behind the dirt mounds that grew and moved over the years as if giant moles had taken up residence. Like a child waiting for Christmas, it felt like forever for this day to arrive.

Frederick County Shaming Wall Goes Down In Flames

The Tentacle doesn’t usually publish new columns on Sunday, but we felt an exception was in order. We don’t hear enough about how sharing information can make positive changes in our neighborhoods so when it happens, we want to report on it.

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