Critical Race Theory Legislation Tracker


By Christopher Rufo

Our movement to abolish critical race theory indoctrination in public institutions has caught fire. State legislatures across the country have introduced legislation to prohibit public schools and state agencies from promoting race essentialism, collective guilt, and state-sanctioned racism. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date.

StateBillBill StatusBill TextSummarySponsors
ArizonaSenate Bill 1532Passed the senate and house (amended in house), waiting for senate to pass with amendmentTextAmendment to SB 1532 prohibits public schools and state agencies from requiring courses/trainings in controversial policy or social issues, prohibits trainings with “divisive concepts,” and establishes a monetary fine if the school or agency violates the amendment disobeysRep. Michelle Udall
ArkansasSenate Bill 627Passed the house and senate, governor permitted to become lawTextProhibits “divisive concepts” from being propagated in state level agenciesSen. Garner; Sen. Ballinger; and Sen. Johnson
 House Bill 1761Passed the house but died in senate committee at the end of sessionTextRegulating institutional materials in public schools that are related to race and ethnicityRep. Lowery
 House Bill 1231Withdrawn by AuthorTextProhibit funding for 1619 curriculum materialsRep. Lowery; Rep. Bentley; Rep. Ladyman; Rep. Lundstrum; Rep. Richmond; Rep. Rye; Sen. Stubblefield; Sen. Johnson; Sen. Garner; and Sen. Rapert
 House Bill 1218Withdrawn by AuthorTextTo prohibit public schools, including universities, from offering courses/activities that segregate students based on identityRep. Lowery; Rep. Bentley; Rep. Ladyman; Rep. Lundstrum; Rep. Richmond; Rep. Rye; Sen. Stubblefield; Sen. Johnson; Sen. Garner; and Sen. Rapert
IdahoHouse Bill 377Passed the house and senate and signed into lawTextPromoting nondiscrimination in public educationWays and Means Committee; Rep. Horman; Rep. Yamamoto; Rep. Nate; Rep. Boyle; Rep. Clow; Rep. Monks; Rep. Moon; and Rep. Andrus
IowaHouse File 802Passed the house, passed the senate with an amendment, house confirmed the amendment, on the way to the governor to be signedTextProhibiting race stereotyping and divisive concepts in state agencies, including schoolsHouse Judiciary Committee
 House File 222House subcommittee recommends passageTextRestrict funding to public schools, including universities, for teaching 1619 Project curriculum materialsRep. Skyler Wheeler
 Senate File 478Passed the senate, referred to the house judiciary committee and has been there for over a monthTextFirst amendment protections; prohibiting race and sex stereotyping and divisive concepts in public institutionsSenate Education Committee
LouisanaHouse Bill 564Referred to the House Education CommitteeTextProhibiting “divisive concepts” in public schools, including universitiesRep. Raymond Garofalo
MississippiSenate Bill 2538Died in CommitteeTextTo prohibit elementary and secondary schools from teaching the 1619 project and restrict funding from those that doSen. Angela Burks
MissouriHouse Bill 952Referred to the house legislative oversight committeeTextProhibiting public schools from teaching the 1619 ProjectRep. Brian Seitz
 Senate Bill 586Referred to senate education committeeTextProhibiting “divisive concepts” from being taught in public schoolsSen. Rick Brattin
New HampshireHouse Bill 544Lay on the TableTextProhibiting “divisive concepts” from being taught within state institutions and to/by state contractorsRep. Keith Ammon; Rep. Cordelli; and Rep. Osborne
OklahomaHouse Bill 1775Passed the house and the senate and sent to the governorTextNo students/staff in public schools, including universities, shall be required to undergo racially discriminatory training and/or coursesRep. West and Rep. Bullard
 Senate Bill 803Introduced in the Senate; Dormant until Feb 2022TextProhibiting “divisive concepts” from being taught in public schools, not including universitiesSen. Jett; Sen. Standridge; Sen. Hamilton
Rhode IslandHouse Bill 6070Being held in the house for further considerationTextProhibiting the teaching of “divisive concepts” in all state and municipal contractsRep. Morgan; Rep. Nardone; and Rep. Roberts
South DakotaHouse Bill 1158WithdrawnTextProhibit the use of curricular materials that promote racial divisiveness and displace historical understanding with ideology.Rep. Jensen
TennesseeHouse Bill 580Passed the house and senate, amendment needs to be confirmed by the house, then goes to the GovernorTextProhibiting promulgation of “divisive concepts” in public schools, not including universitiesRep. White
TexasHouse Bill 3979Reassigned after second readingTextProhibiting the teaching of “divisive concepts” in state agencies and public schools, including universitiesRep. Toth; Rep. Leach; Rep. Metcalf; Rep. Bonnen; and Rep. Parker
West VirginiaHouse Bill 2595Referred to house workforce development committeeTextDefunding institutions promulgating “divisive concepts,” curriculums promoting “divisive concepts” prohibited in public schools, and to classify “divisive concepts” as prohibited discriminationDel. Keaton; Del. Holstein; Del. Barnhart; and Del. Wamsley
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