The Story of 9:19 – Wait, What?


If you are attune to the world, you can feel the power struggle all around.  Socialists vs. Federalists, Democrats vs. Republicans.  I’d like to think I’m on the side of righteousness but, am I?

I have friends I like who are Democrats who hate Donald Trump and find everything associated with him vulgar and dangerous.  They’re good people, I like them, that’s why I call them my friends. We can’t all be on the right side, can we?

Times like this send me into thinking and meditating.  I let my thoughts guide me and where I end up for any period usually brings some insights. 

Saturday’s journey through my thoughts was inspired by an accidental reading of the 37th Psalm.  37 was my oldest son’s football jersey number.  He has it tattooed on his arm.  When he was just beginning to speak, he’d run around the house repeating “nine, nineteen.”  Why is a child just learning to speak running around the house repeating this number?  He said it so frequently my mother played it as a daily lottery number.  She won some money too.

Surely it was more meaningful than a Pick 3 lottery winner?  (Yes, I’m a believer in signs.  Interpreting them is another matter.)

I’m also a believer in the spiritual and mystical sides of physical life.  I believe in “As above, so below” and that there is no such thing as a coincidence.  Everything has a blueprint and a plan.  Everything has a reason.

I also passionately believe whatever created us (God), didn’t just create and run.  Although it would follow “as above, so below”, but also just as I wouldn’t bring a child into this world and leave him alone, I don’t think the ethereal Creator would either.  Lately, “duality” is a word that comes to mind frequently.

So, if God didn’t leave us here and walk away, what did he leave behind as a guide?

I’ve said this many times, but for people who don’t know, I am not a Christian. Knowing this helps the reader understand I don’t come at this digital conversation from a religious perspective.   

I believe Jesus is one of the people put here to help us on our journey.  I don’t know what the journey is, but seeing that I don’t believe in coincidences I believe there must be a reason.

In trying to understand how decent people can find themselves on opposite sides of an issue anchored by principals and morals, I happened upon thought-provoking Christians.  In my questioning I discovered Kim Clement, who lead me to some more eccentric Christians who talk about the meaning of the Hebrew alphabet and the duality of things. 

I’m by no means a scholar in any of this, just a human interested in discovering the “why” of life.

In my “stream of consciousness” way of doing things my interactions lead me to where I am right now, contemplating the “why” of “9:19.” 

Maybe there is no “why”, but that doesn’t come with a thought-provoking story to share.  At least I hope it provokes thinking.  Maybe together we can come up with some answers?

All that was to explain how when reading Psalm 37 I wondered, what Psalm 9:19 might say – “Arise, O Lord; let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged in thy light.”  In my personal search for discovering if I’m on the side of righteousness or not, I found the verse fitting. 

That piqued my curiosity and made me wonder about all the other 9:19’s in the Bible.  Was there an understandable story to be told?  I went through my King James Version and compiled every 19th verse from every 9th chapter from every “Book” containing one. 

I found the story surprisingly cohesive and fitting for the current season I believe we are living.   

Come back tomorrow when I will share the story.

Before then you might find it interesting that the 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Tet”.  Tet reveals both good and evil.  The 19th letter is “Qof”.  It is a combination of darkness and light.  I like how the Hebrew alphabet is also pictographic.  I’m just learning so for all you scholars out there, cut me some slack.   Please feel free to correct or elaborate. 

Tomorrow I will post the Journey Through 9:19.

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