Frederick Republican Drew Inspiration From CPAC

Part One of a Three Part Series


By Heath Barnes

On February 25th I had the opportunity to attend CPAC 2021 in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time attending CPAC and I was unsure of what to expect. Little did I know that I was about to experience one of the best weekends of my life.  As I arrived, one of the first people I saw was Judge Jeannine from Fox News, and I knew then this was the beginning of a great weekend.

There were so many great speakers throughout the 3-day conference, however I am going to focus on just few of them that made the biggest impressions on me. 

Senator Mike Lee spoke about our Bill of Rights, why it was written and why it matters. He opened my eyes to view the Bill of Rights from a different perspective.  One line in his speech that spoke to me was “Putting faith in government is tyranny, but faith in people means freedom. If the left continues to lead Americans into putting their faith in and being more dependent on government, this makes us as a people even less free and leads toward tyranny. “Those words stuck with me. The more faith that we put in government, the more the country works towards eroding our Bill of Rights. Throughout history, one common denominator amongst past corrupt governments and its leaders is that they persuaded their people to place their faith in government more than faith in their fellow people.

Senator James Lankford opened his speech speaking about a bill that he proposed before the Senate. The bill stated that no State shall receive Federal funding if they regulated churches any differently than they regulated restaurants, bars, beauty salons, etc. during the pandemic. This bill should have overwhelmingly passed, however the bill protecting one of our 1st Amendment Rights narrowly passed in a 51-49 vote. He went on to speak about how our 1st Amendment Right is under an extreme attack by the left and spoke about how it is ones right to practice their religion of choice free from government infringement.  The danger of allowing restaurants, beauty salons, bars etc. to be opened, but churches not, is setting a dangerous precedence.  Our faith or religion is our property not the property of the government and they do not have the right to take that away from us.

Senator Ted Cruz was quite humorous in his speech, showing a side of himself that I did not know he had. As we all know he is receiving more criticism by the left-wing media for going to Mexico with his family during a snowstorm than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting for killing grandma and grandpa in nursing homes. He spoke about the media pushing for a Republican civil war, but how our party will prove them wrong and unite to take back the House, Senate, and The White House. What will unite the Conservatives, Libertarians, and Constitutionalist is a love for Liberty. As the left continues shutting things down this will be a benefit to the Republican Party as these lovers of Liberty will unite to push back against leftist wings of government.  He also stated that we on the right believe in free speech no matter what that speech is. We believe in the freedom of religion; the left believes in freedom of speech and religion that complies with what they think you should be able to say and do.

Congressman Madison Cawthorn spoke about the dangers of forgiving student loan debt. As a person who still has student loans, I agree with him 100%. He spoke about who really pays the price for the forgiveness of student loans. The people that pay are your farmers, your construction workers, your restaurant workers, your general laborers, etc.; all people who may have chosen not to attend college or did not have the opportunity to attend.  Why are these people responsible for paying higher taxes to offset the cost of loan forgiveness? The government will have to recoup these funds somewhere and it will ultimately affect each one of them. In my opinion, I chose to attend college therefore I am responsible for paying for my own educational expenses.  I would not want to pay for someone else’s education, and certainly do not feel that it is my fellow Americans responsibility to pay for mine.

  1. Heath Barnes, President-Maryland Log Cabin Republicans
  2. Board of Governors- Republican Club of Frederick County

Come back tomorrow for Part Two and find out who gave Heath’s favorite speech.

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