Frederick Republican Drew Inspiration From CPAC – Part Two

Part Two of a Three Part Series


By Heath Barnes

Congresswomen Virginia Foxx gave one of my favorite speeches on day two of the conference. Her speech focused on The Federal government not having any place in education. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention education. The Biden Administration is using the pandemic to expand government’s role in our lives. Teachers’ unions are refusing to go back to school, and Biden will not push back against them, because of the support that they gave him. We are going to be paying for this for generations to come with our children losing this year of in-person instruction.

KT McFarland, former Deputy National Security Advisor of the USA, spoke about her service as serving in the Trump Administration. She spoke about the hunt that FBI was on towards President Trump, and the way came after her. They tried their best to entrap her and get her to say that President Trump committed crimes that she knew he had not.  She knew she had not committed any crimes either, but they were ruthless in their tactics.  After it was over, she went to a remote island for a few weeks to unwind and during this time she came to the realization that we are in a political revolution and that is why in 2016 America elected a non-politician as President. Every forty years or so it seems we have a revolution, and the revolution that President Trump started is only half finished. Even though in 2020 we may have lost at the top of the ticket we had major wins all down the ticket for Conservatives. My favorite line she delivered was that Biden is Carter 2.0 and the American people will see that sooner rather than later.

Ric Grenell & Heath Barnes 2021

Ric Grenell (the first openly gay man to serve in a President’s Cabinet when appointed as Acting Director of National Intelligence, by President Trump) spoke about the doctrine of “America First” and that it is here to stay. He stated that we as Americans will not let this be stopped or tossed aside even by the new administration. The American people have embraced the “America First” platform and we will never go back. He spoke also about how important it is to place term limits on House and Senate members.

Governor Kristi Noem gave my favorite speech of the entire conference. Should President Trump not run for election in 2024, I would gladly support her as a Presidential candidate. “Why do Americans need Conservatives”, she asked? Her answer was simply “2020”.  She said COVID did not crush the economy, but rather state and local left-wing governments crushed it by the regulations they placed upon businesses. Her state was the only state that never ordered one single business or church to close during the entire pandemic. She never defined what an essential busines was to her constituents because it is not government’s right to tell one person or another that their business is or is not essential. Dr. Fauci told her that on North Dakota’s worst day they would have 10k patients in hospitals.  On her state’s worse day there where actually less than 600 patients in hospitals. No government should ever arrest, ticket, or fine someone for exercising their rights. The Declaration of Independence did not just unleash a revolution against the British, but a revolution in human affairs. Today the political parties do not even share the basic ideals and it shows how deep our divide is. We did not just deal with a pandemic in 2020, but also a campaign to do away with the history of America. If they can sow doubt in this generation of Americans about our founders, they can redefine America to their ideals. Therefore, conservative ideas are more important than ever in America. We as Conservatives believe, you have God given rights; therefore, we do not divide based on gender, culture, or race, but believe everyone has the right to live and build a life of their choice.

The panel that consisted of Sonnie Johnson, Angela Stanton, Shemeka Michelle, Rich Valdes, and Maj Toure spoke about conservatism in black and brown America. It was the most powerful panel I heard all week.

  1. Heath Barnes, President-Maryland Log Cabin Republicans
  2. Board of Governors- Republican Club of Frederick County

Come back tomorrow for Part Three and hear how powerful those speakers were.

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