Education and the Decay of the American Nation

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State Monopoly on Indoctrination.

Whoever holds control over schools, holds the power to indoctrinate new generations.

In the 20th century, schools where the places that defined that national ideology, defined nationality by teaching common (heroic) mythos of what it means to be of a given nationality: fairy tales, basic history with stories about national heroes, “our courageous pilots defeated the evil Nazis”, why are we proud of who we are, etc.

Every nation does that.

Just as the State holds the monopoly on violence it also holds the monopoly on indoctrination. This is to align the children with the ideals of the state so they would respect it and not fight it.

The problem is that in America, there is not a single unifying culture anymore. The culture of the past was too “white”, too Anglo-Saxon, too protestant based. We are too multicultural and too multiracial now to return to that.

Since many of the Europeans (often Catholics) felt excluded from this culture, along with Jews, the native Black population, American Indians, the Latinos and many others, more and more people started rocking its foundation, hoping to weaken it. Hippies were doing it. All American counter-cultural culture of the 20th century… I was in that camp myself, until recently. Until BLM and gender pronouns in schools. We “won”!

Anatomy of the Liberal chaos.

Those in power had to adapt somehow to defend their social status. Their logic is: if it is no longer about being whitest of white, why not make it the opposite? It all works, as long as we are the priest class. Priests of whiteness that advocated for sterilization of black women in the early 20th century, pioneering the ideas of eugenics are now the zealous advocates of “being more black”.

Thus they came up with a storyline that all people of European descent are guilty of oppressing all people of color, by the very fact of them being born “white”. They provide a convenient psychological escape from this — to surrender your right to have children and give up your place in the food chain without a battle. Ingenious. And this is where gender pronouns come in — they are a manifestation of guilt and the installed castration complex.

And now we miss having a Nation. So many of us had awakened during COVID to the idea that you need a core binding ideology to not fall into chaos. Tower of Babel is collapsing. What do we build out of its bricks? Where do we find the new national idea that would define what it means to be American? What are the candidates for the dominant culture? Gangster culture, envy of the rich, compassion for remote groups of people at the expense of your next-door neighbor, self-loathing of the white upper class liberal and gender pronoun studies. We also have: Southern heritage and a few other chauvinistic forces that would all fight for domination, only helping liberals decay America with their ‘progressive’ agenda of making it all about melanin.

What does it mean to be a Nation?

The problem to me, as a secular social Darwinist who understands that we compete in groups against other groups is that this agenda threatens the ability of the American Nation to sustain itself: that is children who grow up to be healthy parents and raise the next generation of healthy citizens.

Wouldn’t it be fair to strive for uniform fertility rates, across all cultures and races? So, no one would feel like they are raising another man’s children at the expense of their own? Reproduction is an incredibly competitive business. Uniform fertility rates may be the only way to “equity” and having a horizontal “Western European” society with dominant Middle Class, without any racial or cultural domination by whatever group. If you disagree – let’s talk about economics behind it.

Teaching what it means to be an American.

So how do we teach children to be a healthy Nation?  We probably have to know the subject very well, ourselves.

Would it be reasonable to say that we want children to be adapted for the free market outside of the school, to make right economic and political choices, to be able to raise their own children, who would themselves be capable of having healthy children?
Let’s teach this in schools!

We don’t want kids to graduate from the oppressive school and try to recreate ‘school’ in the world outside because this is the only world they were conditioned for.
It is more than just the teacher’s union that is the problem.

To be concise, what I would like our Conservative Board of Ed candidates to bring to the education system:  more exercise and playing games, less BS, teaching basics of Economics and what it takes to raise a healthy family.

To be continued in a Part II: What to teach in schools to save a Nation.

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