Public Demand for Equity

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I told you about my fasting in the last column. Part of fasting is analyzing and forgiving the past. There is no need to think about preparing food and eating it. Fasting frees a lot of time. I stepped out of the rat race.

I must save the society in which I live to save myself — it is easier to do both.

I bear a lot of scars of the past. Once I decided I was no longer a victim I felt an urge to change political parties. The magic spell broke.

I still think that American society has strayed too far from Nature and from the fundamental objective of any functional society: one of raising a healthy next generation. I must side with those closer to nature, or to the natural law. Yet it takes two to tango — if conservative values could satisfy all Americans, there would be no public demand for socialism and communism.

#WalkAway – AA For Ex-liberals

The #WalkAway Facebook group is like AA for those who detox from the liberal narrative. After I read many stories of other members, I wrote my own and it sounded surprisingly typical. The common themes were bigotry, double standards, endless accusations of racism and fascism, liberal ignorance of macroeconomics and disillusionment with their “progressive agenda”.

Progressive Loftiness

As I was fasting, I recalled all the great ideas that I proposed to influential liberals that I could reach. Why were they either ignored or rejected? What was so naive about my approach?

Everything I proposed was geared towards making people more self-sufficient. Liberal ideology suggests subtly, yet persistently: if your subordinates become too emancipated, there would be no need for you as their puppeteer/spokesperson/babysitter — so talk them down!  (Mayor O’Connor at least pretended to understand when I met with him about city social services that are expected to serve an undefined number of people.)

Why are taxpayers who are still able to work expected to pay executive-level salaries to bureaucrats who farm helplessness and resentment? Are American cities also burning in the name of their progressive agenda? Their “good work” costs us too much; it will cost America a nation.

A moat full of deliberately limited, ‘politically correct’ language and a thick wall of social taboos surrounds those feudal lords of the trickle-down economy. The Frederick News-Post would not publish any criticism of them. Where is my freedom of speech? I want it!

COVID helped me realize how small business owners protect the Freedom of Speech.

I volunteered for a non-profit. Liberal world is all about conformity, ass kissing and compliance to manipulative requirements and conditions of award to receive grants.

Loftiness and snobbism at the top, envy and resentment at the bottom, promise to butcher functional taxpayers as a mutual bond. All to build a Western European welfare state and to reduce carbon emissions?

Participants of the real free market, on the other hand, only depend on customers paying for goods and services. They can afford to speak their minds more freely. They can afford to be more authentic people.

Real Taxpayers

Budget sector of the economy tries to mount the taxpayers like a bull in a rodeo; so taxpayers bucked by electing Donald Trump. This delayed the problem by four years, yet it did not eliminate the root cause of why some people are ready to sacrifice freedom of speech for the enforcement of elusive equity.

I went to the Trump rally to see if this is where I can find real American taxpayers. My suspicions were confirmed. I already knew that Trump supporters were much more diverse than the mainstream media depicted them.

The Void That Democrats Fill

Frederick is becoming a large and divided city. Ethnical enclaves grow, envy and resentment increases. Voluntary mutual aid and naturally-occuring communities decline and only mercantile values remain, creating the demand for forced collectivization. I supported this demand myself until I understood where it leads.

I began to miss Fredneck, yet there is no salvation in the past.

That town also had its own problems — problems that lead us to the present ones.

I honestly believe that not only can we emerge from this crisis victoriously, but also be the first ones to reverse the decline of the developed Western democracies and values associated with them, especially the freedom of speech.

To Be Continued…

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