Why I did not write a comment on the FDA website.

When I received an email from “Americans for Homeopathy Choice”, urging me to write a comment on the FDA website, I replied, asking them to help me with my project to change the public opinion about homeopathy. They declined, stating that their organization only serves “professionals”.

This is another example of excessively territorial behavior, exhibited by a professional organization that attempts to present its interests as interests of the public, while separating itself from that very same public. They and I are quacks in the eyes of the establishment because we believe in homeopathy. Taking such behavior into account, how can I be sure that this organization would not gain too much power and then restrict it in the interest of its members. 

My Free Market Approach.

My approach to “bringing homeopathy to the masses” is based on a very free-market driven concept. I used to own a 3D printer and it fascinated me that I could design my own part in CAD and then have it print in a relatively strong plastic. Also, I own a bread machine: I can mix my own bread in five minutes and the machine will do the rest of the work. A loaf of healthy bread costs me less than a dollar now.

Considering the cost and the availability of remedies from homeopathic pharmacies, I want to sell a kit for a classical homeopathic potentizer that people can use in their own homes. Just as bread machines and 3D printers, such a device would create a culture around itself.

Unfortunately, because of the status of homeopathy, I would not be able to use traditional crowdfunding without the administrators removing my post. I emailed all organizations that claim to represent this branch of medicine and encountered a similar level of defensiveness uniformly: traditional medicine professional organizations defend from them, together they defend their interests from me, etc. Professional organizations may very well be the reason why many new ideas never go to the market.

I am still looking for a place to publish a crowd-funding page for an amazingly simple and cheap device that would allow people to make their own homeopathic remedies at home.

I believe that a culture around such machines can make homeopathy a more popular and accepted subject. A 3D printer, a bread machine; why not a home potentizer?

What I am trying to prove

While our wishful thinking can allow someone to sell us snake oil, once upon a time in history, there is no way that an entire branch of medicine can deceive so many doctors and often upper-class patients, for at least three centuries.

By allowing people to prepare their own homeopathic remedies from mother tinctures, more people would interact with homeopathy.

Those who are sensitive may learn to trust their senses more.
Those with a medical background may find that a pill with a complex molecule and a beautiful commercial name, and a bright enteric coating, may not be the best maintenance solution for someone who cares about their health side effects.

The point of the experiment that I would like to perform is to make as many people play around with what has been reserved to a few experts at this point. Voluntary data collection may allow the distributor of such a machine to better understand human health and it’s responsiveness to the remedies.

While one person can most likely contaminate their “feel” with wishful thinking, an entire culture of potentizer users would not be able to do that, providing a broad statistical sample for research. This may allow the impossible: to separate the “extra sensory perception”, the “feel” that many sensitive people have, from the conscious contaminating it with wishful thinking.

Healthcare that defines when it is time to die.

It is a mistake to think that our society will provide you with the most effective medicine even if you are securely within the middle class. When there are too many people and too few opportunities, we unconsciously invite some form of self-sabotage or organize for violence. Healthcare is the first thing that is affected by this.

To be continued.

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