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Recently I received an email from the “Americans for Homeopathy Choice” organization, urging me to write a comment, since the FDA is applying new restrictions on the sales of homeopathy.

While prejudice towards homeopathy in America is still great, many Western European countries, such as the United Kingdom, have integrated homeopathy into the healthcare system. This may also relate to the amount of COVID cases that we have, compared to the rest of the world, including more poor countries, such as India and South-East Asia, where homeopathy coexists with traditional medicine.

What is homeopathy?

The principle of homeopathy existed in ancient and folk medicine for ages, and probably was the most effective form of medicine before modern medicine arrived. Its limitation is that it does not provide instant results. Homeopathy was first described by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. His theories allowed pharmacists to prepare consistent remedies, by following a standard procedure. He also described the effects of many remedies that homeopaths use today.

Homeopathic Delusion Process

Preparation of a homeopathic remedy begins with a mother tincture, an alcohol and water extract of the mineral, animal or plant substance. In cases where the mother substance to be used is insoluble in water, it is firstly triturated in lactose and then the lactose solution is used for the delusion process.

Mother tincture is dissolved in water, then the mixing container is shaken 100 times. The water is purged and clean water is filled into the container. Then the water is shaken again. After a desired potency is reached via a number of repetitions, the solution is preserved with addition of alcohol or more commonly, applied to lactose balls (globules). 

There is an alternative mixing process where 90% of the water from the previous delusion is emptied from the container and new water is added between the shakings.

This process creates an increment in potency that is considered to be half as large as the first method. Higher potencies affect the overall state of vitality, while lower potencies target specific physical symptoms and the effect is similar to as if the original mother substance was ingested.

In the commonly used 30th (30c) potency, the probability that one molecule of substance is present is one over many billions. (Read Wikipedia article on homeopathic dilutions)

As a result of the delusion process, water acquires properties that cause symptoms in living organisms, similar to those induced by the mother substance. A homeopathic treatment may be summarized as destructive interference of waves: the like cures the like.

While science is uncertain if (and how) water can be programmed, there is some evidence that such form of communication exists in nature.

Maybe one day homeopathic delusion will be explained with quantum entanglement.

The Controversy

Luminescent bacteria tests

When water that contained a high potency homeopathic delusion of a toxic substance was mixed with a solution that contained luminescent bacteria, the luminescence level of the bacteria decreased, compared to bacteria exposed to the same amount of regular water. There are many similar discrete experiments that prove that living organisms react to homeopathy.


There are scientific papers published under NIH under the subject of homeopathic research, however they usually describe some very in-depth biological processes that are not very relatable, outside a narrow field of research.

Official medical research

Influential scientific magazines “debunk homeopathy” all the time, especially in America. It is not a big deal when traditional doctors label a patient with a fashion diagnosis, such as depression, to hook them on antidepressants or diagnose Crohn’s disease in order to perform a profitable surgery. Yet when a regular doctor recommends homeopathy, they are risking having their licenses revoked. Homeopathy is a complete pseudoscientific nonsense and a taboo subject for many doctors in America.

Why does homeopathy always come out to be as effective as a placebo in medical research, yet more discrete experiments, such as toxicity tests conducted using luminescent bacteria seem to confirm it?

Why does it appear that tests that confirm homeopathy are mostly carried out in Europe or India?
Why is Switzerland, a country with several large pharmaceutical companies, allowed for integration of traditional medicine and homeopathy and America did not?

Big pharma wants to keep America as a sales market for pills?

Or is there more to this problem?


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