Frederick County Conservative Club’s Monthly Meeting


On Monday November 9, 2020, the Frederick County Conservative Club held its monthly meeting at the Buckeystown Pub in Buckeystown. Their guest speaker was Frederick County Councilman At Large Phil Dacey.  Mr. Dacey is the lone conservative voice on the Frederick County council.

One of the topics Mr. Dacey spoke about was “Livable Frederick.” He described it as a “200-page document that wants to get into every aspect of your life”.

He explained how The Livable Frederick plan is a 20 year plan.  He said, “even the Communists have a five-year plan, we have a 20-year plan.”  Some of the items in the plan included bullying prevention, food history, stopping sexual assault, etc. “It also calls for new revenues” said Dacey.  He went on to say, “Also included in the plan is the so-called environmental crisis, requiring green buildings.” This will make buildings far more expensive to build, costing the taxpayer more. Dacey also told the crowd that Kai Hagen is leading a task force that’s sole focus is the climate in Frederick County. Mr. Hagen and the council members of like minds want to push new regulations to help Frederick County combat the global climate issue.

Mr. Dacey also spoke about the resolution he introduced to the council to get kids back in school. According to Dacey, Frederick county has no plan to get kids back in school. He urged the people in attendance to let the county council know they want kids back in their classrooms. If New York city can do it, Frederick County has no excuse for not having a plan in place. There was a 3rd grader in attendance at the meeting who said he wanted to go back to school because he “misses his friends”. 

No one in attendance disagreed with the need to get children back in school sooner rather than later.  

There was a lot of community engagement regarding the night’s agenda and beyond.  Most of the people in attendance appeared to agree with Councilman Dacey’s views on Livable Frederick and other items discussed.  They were interested in knowing what they could do to help.

It’s important for people to pay attention to local politics, and things like “Livable Frederick”.  If you don’t, more could be passed.  Only public participation can keep these programs from being created and in check once they are. 

Councilman Dacey gave an example of what happens while our attention is elsewhere.  He said while everyone was dealing with the shut downs caused by COVID-19, County Executive Jan Garner submitted a budget with tax increases as well as a pay increase for all county employees.  While most people were living on less because of the current crisis, Ms. Gardner is giving away more of the money you have less of and growing government.  Many people were unaware of that and weren’t happy hearing it.

Councilman Dacey encouraged and needs every conservative minded person in the county to speak up and be heard. We need to encourage more conservatives to get involved in local politics so that people like Mr. Dacey aren’t the lone voice of common sense.  

You can get involved and get educated by joining a local political club like The Frederick County Conservative Club.  The FCCC holds its monthly meeting the 2nd Monday of every month at the Buckeystown Pub at 6:30 p.m. For more information about the Club check out their Facebook page or go to 

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