Democrats Re-Distribute to Divide and Rule

Part of the “Enantiodromia of Liberal Compassion and Universalism” series.


Frederick is under Democrats: the mayor of the City is a Democrat, the County Executive and the majority of County Council members are Democrats, the majority votes for a Democratic presidential candidate. To a liberal, this may sound like a triumph of common sense, humanism, and compassion over archaic exploitative rule of the evil Conservatives. Or is it so?

What about the enormous (and growing) amount of chronically homeless in our county? Why is our mental health system so oppressive? What about the native worker population? When a worker loses their ability to work, what happens to them? Are they provided with an opportunity to restore their health or are they just scrapped like a worn-out machine and swapped out for someone who can get the job done?

Common Market Instead of Food Security for our Taxpayers.

I found it stunning that our Mayor and other establishment figures opened an organic grocery store for the privileged customers.  This news was presented as if it was a benefit to our entire citizenry, while food prices increased due to COVID.

After a conversation with a cashier, I realized most of the cashiers at organic stores are also working poor who rely on food stamps and cannot afford the organic food these stores sell. This becomes specifically interesting when you consider the grassroots cooperative history of the Common Market.

I wrote to the majority of our local officials, directors and “community leaders” about what I see as a solution to the food insecurity: to provide a place where local farmers could sell food that is not in the condition, suitable for supermarkets, at a discount. This model works in Baltimore, yet the director of a non-profit behind it doesn’t want to open another hub in Frederick. I received no response either from local liberal officials or the director of “Hungry Harvest”.

Our government appears to represent only those of us who have well-paying jobs in the DC metro area; not the historic working class population; not the people who work long hours for little pay only to cram into their stinky little rented bedrooms; to go to their tent or their car to sleep or to be stuck in traffic for two hours on the way home, to the West, where they have been pushed to from Frederick by high rent.

Native Americans were displaced to the West. We are the new natives.

It feels as if our native population is being colonized by the bigoted, oppressive liberal force from the DC Metro Area. A force that preaches universalism and equity, while greatly stratifying our society: pressing the working-class people who lived here into the lower caste of their colonial caste system.

Martin Luther King Dinner

There are many annual events where politicians, priests and non-profit directors congratulate themselves on their accomplishments. The most notorious one is the MLK Dinner event. No people with lived experience or benefactors of their generosity were noticed on the stage with them, sharing their story of what it is like to be their clients.

While advertised as a community event, it is dominated by the local redistributor elites: those who live off donations and grants, paid for by our taxes and often report the results of their work only within their own hierarchies. Priests congratulate each other for being good priests, directors for being good directors, politicians for supporting them in feeding hungry children, etc. Yet how does this system work when a middle-income person loses their ability to work and consequently to pay rent or mortgage?

How would this change if we increase the taxes for the wealthiest 1%?

In Part II of this series we’ll begin to take a look.

* * * * *

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