Throwing Darts at the Board of Education

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Take a quick scroll around Facebook and Twitter and you might learn a few things about the state of public education.  If the virus from Wuhan has any positives, it’s that it’s unmasked a few myths

Myth #1 – American’s love freedom.  Apparently, many are comfortable with being dictated to.

Myth #2 – Board of Education positions are “non-partisan.”  Raise your hands if you still think the Board of Education race is “non-partisan?”

Myth #3 – Board of Education races are inconsequential in the grand scheme of local government. Still think you should randomly choose who is running school governance and funding?

I’m amazed and angered over the amount of seemingly intelligent people who are now admitting they “rarely paid attention to the Board of Education races.”

Here in Frederick County we have a seven-member elected Board.  Not ONE is a Republican/Conservative.  Colleen Cusimano and April Miller were the last conservatives to sit on the Board.  April was defeated in the last election. 

A handful of very good conservative candidates ran in the 2018 cycle but they didn’t get the support of their party and couldn’t begin to compete with the tens of thousands of dollars the Frederick County Teachers Association pays to get their candidates elected.

The FCTA is why your children aren’t in school right now learning and playing sports.  They control the Board of Education.  Brad Young, Jay Mason, Elizabeth Barrett, Karen Yoho, Lois Jarman and the rest ALL answer to the FCTA.  If they want campaign funds in the future, they will do what the FCTA wants and not what parents want. 

Don’t be fooled by votes for returning. It’s easy to vote for something when you know everyone else is going to vote against it.

In 2022 we can completely change the face of public education in Frederick County if we elect Conservative board members who focus on academics and extra-curriculars instead of critical race theory, gender ideology and community activism.

In 2022 there will be four seats open Brad Young, Karen Yoho, Jay Mason and Elizabeth Barrett will all have to re-earn their seats. 

Four seats are the majority.  Four seats, if you win them controls how and what our children are learning as well as how our tax dollars are spent.

EVERY election Democrats make certain they have a candidate running for EVERY seat.  We didn’t have a single Board of Education candidate running this cycle.  It’s hard to get someone to run when their party doesn’t support them.  They understand it’s a losing battle unless they have a lot of their own money to spend.

Democrats take education seriously because they know they are molding the minds of future voters.  They get those blank slates for 13 years and then work hard to create future Democrat voters and activists.  We’ve seen that become more open in the last four years.  If you doubt that’s true, look around you. 

Ask some conservative parents how their children got to be so progressive?  Public education works hard to remove your family’s beliefs and ideology and replace it with their own. 

Are you wondering why you haven’t seen an “Apple Ballot” or endorsement this year?  They don’t need one.  If you are a union supporter and will answer to them, you get on their ballot.  There’s no opposition to their ideologies this cycle.  There is no opposition to fight.  An embarrassment for the Frederick County Central Committee for sure.

If you love “education” and children over “unions” and power, you should never vote the Apple Ballot.

I read in a June 2, 2020 piece in the Frederick News Post a voter saying he didn’t know who to vote for in the Board of Education (because he didn’t know anything about them).  His method was he “threw darts” – he chose at random hoping for the best. 

Dart throwing gets you candidates like Lois Jarman who has disrespected parents since she landed on the political playing field. 

There are no conservatives running for the Board of Education this cycle.  They are all progressive liberals. 

I would normally suggest not voting for any BoE candidate, but that would leave Ms. Jarman on the Board.  I suggest whoever you researched vote for anyone BUT Lois Jarman. Elections have consequences.

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