Frederick County Conservative Club Fires Up The Community

Image Courtesy Neal Price

It’s looks like Frederick County may finally have a group of conservatives actively engaging with the community and holding events to inspire and attract like-minded neighbors.

The Frederick County Conservative Club (FCCC), has grown in a short span of time from a handful of supporters meeting at Mexicali Cantina to over 40 members meeting monthly at Buckeyestown Pub. Their next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 9.  Details can be found on their Facebook page.

Prior meetings hosted the Sheriff, state delegates, candidates for office and many others.  The club has advocated on county regulatory positions and charter amendments.  One of their missions is holding government and our elected representatives accountable.

For the 2020 elections they started a VOTE SAFE initiative, headed by Neal Price.  VOTE SAFE began out of concern over the current political unrest that we’ve seen around the country.

According to Mr. Price’s research there are three reasons people don’t vote, voter over-confidence, voter indifference and voter intimidation.

VOTE SAFE’s goal is to provide escorts at each polling place so when you arrive, if you are fearful, you can be escorted into the polling place.  If you are interested in being a polling escort, or in need of an escort, please contact the FCCC.

On October 3 FCCC teamed up with Michelle Deanovich to co-host the first Frederick County Trump road rally. There were 100 vehicles and twice as many people. 

On October 17 and 18 they held “Overpasses For Victory” with over 20 participants; 4 who decided to join them after they drove by and saw what was happening.

Image Courtesy Fred Propheter

There will be another Overpasses For Victory event October 30 and 31st.  Details can be found on their Event page in the link provided.

Not letting an opportunity escape them before election day on November 3, the FCCC has put together another road rally for November 1 – Trump Motorcade Across Frederick.  Over five hundred people have shown interest in participating in this second event.    Participants are asked to meet at the Monocacy Boulevard Park and Ride by 11:00 a.m.  Details are in the link.

Leading the motorcade will be the Trump Train bus, followed by Patriotic Americans who support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump and his economically invigorating America first agenda.  Rally goers are encouraged to decorate their vehicles to show their renewed pride in America and our President.

Having participated in the last rolling rally I can tell you Trump supporters come from all walks of life: Republican, Democrat, black, white, Asian, Latino, business owners, blue collar workers and students. 

The Trump Bus is scheduled to be at the park and ride by 10:00 a.m., where it will offer Trump gear and memorabilia for sale.

The Frederick County Conservative Club suggests you pack a lunch as the ride is expected to last around three or four hours.  The route rolls through most of Frederick County.

Spontaneous, grassroots Trump rallies by boat, by foot and by vehicle have been popping up across the country.  Don’t miss your chance to participate in one in your back yard.  This will be the last local Trump road rally before the November 3 election. 

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