Frederick Parents Unite to Bring Back Fall Sports and Open Schools

Image Courtesy FCPS MD H.S. Parents Unite to Bring Back Fall Sports

As we head into week three of virtual distance learning, a group of Frederick County parents have started a Facebook Group worthy of joining – FCPS MD H.S. Parents Unite to Bring Back Fall Sports.

As their name explains, their goal – to get students back on the sports field and into their classrooms.  They formed on September 11, 2020 and already have over 500 members.

They are asking the public to email the Board of Education members Brad Young (, Jay Mason (, Liz Barrett (, Mike Bunitsky (, Lois Jarman (, Rae Gallagher ( and Karen Yoho ( or to open up the classrooms and let the children play sports.

According to the group, Board President Brad Young informed them there are four members adamantly opposed to students going back to school even under the hybrid model, which means sports would be over for the season.

The founders of the group are asking parents and members of the community to join them for a rally/protest on September 23rd at 2:30 p.m. at 191 South East Street, Frederick (in front of the Board of Education offices).

They are asking members of the community to share their flyer (below) and join them as they try and make their voices heard.  They understand the importance of face-to-face learning and participating in sports (as well as other extracurricular activities).  “Distance” learning is antithetical to healthy, appropriate human interaction. 

If you are interested in joining this cause, request to become a member of their Facebook group and join their protest/rally on September 23, 2020.  Become a part of the solution.

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