COVID-19 Statistics Are Being Manipulated

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After public out-cry, in April Maryland had to revise it’s COVID-19 reporting system to account for “probable” COVID-19 deaths – there were hundreds. A “probable” death could be someone dying from a heart attack at the age of 89, but having tested positive for COVID-19 was listed as a COVID-19 death.

Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen (R), says doctors are being asked to manipulate Death Certificates.

The mainstream media is still participating in the fearmongering for reasons we can only speculate. Whatever the real reason is, misleading the public is always wrong. We aren’t children. We deserve the facts so we can make decisions on how to live the lives that best suit our situations. Senator Jensen has some disturbing facts to share.

Dr. Kelly Victory sets the record straight with facts, not fear. You should find comfort in how she breaks the virus down in easy to understand terms. The most important fact is that the “vast majority of the people will not have any significant illness even if they contract the virus.”

VIADr. Kelly Victory
SOURCEDr. Scott Jensen
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