Executive Gardner Declares Recycling Non-Essential


Maybe you had a chance to hear County Executive Gardner on the radio say that homeowner recycling isn’t “essential”?  Did you grab a cold beverage, suck it through a stainless-steal straw and ponder the revelation in her comment?

Remember in January when councilmen Kai Hagen and Jessica Fitzwater were working on their “Climate Emergency Resolution?”  Remember way back then, when plastic was an existential threat to the climate and had to be eradicated no matter the costs? 

Remember when your government spent hours on debating the dangers of helium balloons? 

They knew once they faced little resistance over banning a child’s party favor, it would be easier to get through the next thing on their list – single use plastic bags.

If the virus from Wuhan, China has taught us anything, it’s taught us that “essential” means:  Liquor, toilet paper and hand sanitizer but doesn’t mean: Recycling, composting and reusable grocery bags.

While you are home with time to ponder, think about the rhetoric you heard for years about the coming imminent climate catastrophe, and compare it to the reality you are currently living.  The seas aren’t rising, but your paycheck has disappeared.  Mass extinction due to climate isn’t fact, but your shuttered business is.

The argument can be made that political rhetoric is responsible for both.  For this column, I’m focused on climate hysteria as a means to an end.

Councilman Hagen has stated that climate change is an “existential threat.”  An existential threat is one that threatens our very existence.  Language in the proposed Resolution says, “climate change impacts will test our infrastructure, emergency and social services; impact our access to food, water and energy; disrupt commerce and our quality of life.”  I cry bull sh____.

You know what isn’t field fertilizer?  At this very moment what is impacting “infrastructure, emergency and social services, access to food, water and energy, disrupting commerce and our quality of life?”  The current home incarceration you are currently living under at this very moment. See the difference?

One is a reality.  The other is a scare tactic climate cultists use to get you to give up whatever they disapprove of, so you will comply with their vision of virtuous living.    

In reality, it was the removal of plastic from commerce that could be leading to the spread of COVID-19.  So much so is this belief, most stores that banned single-use plastic bags are now banning reusable bags.   

Dictating the products a person can buy or use always has unintended consequences, most of them bad.  Free people should always error on the side of free choice and let the consumer decide.  People gravitate to good ideas.

While you’re home with all this free time, maybe you could use some of it to think about what might happen if the County Council does pass their Climate Emergency Resolution.  There’s language in there saying “significant actions” they take in the future, will be “through the lens of climate change.”

Meaning, every action they take would be judged on how it would affect the climate.  Not what it would cost in both money and how it would affect the reality of your life, in real time.

It’s one thing for your government (keyword “your”) to suggest you use a canvas grocery bag instead of a single use plastic bag.  The unintended consequence here is a bag meant to save the environment could be passing a deadly virus through our communities killing our neighbors.

Frederick County, now is the time for you to make your case against the expense of mitigating climate change regardless of if you think it’s a hoax or real.  Government wasn’t created to run your life, it was created to protect you from others running your life.

Let our Councilman know it’s time to retire the Climate Emergency Resolution and the Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup and work on real local problems.  You can contact them here:  CouncilMembers@FrederickCountyMD.gov

What’s the bigger existential threat, man-made climate change or man-made economic collapse? 

Reposted from April 14, 2020.

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