The New Normal?

Dave Hallenbeck


I’m starting to believe that the Democrats’ efforts to enable voter fraud are just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m hearing the term “new normal” being bandied about by a number of Democrat governors! Since anyone with any awareness of the world around them realizes that Dems walk in lockstep, this is obviously something being coordinated amongst them. I fear they are trying to set us up for a long-term acceptance of their current unconstitutional rule-by- fiat scheme. 

The term “new normal” should strike fear in ANY American who values his freedom and country. As you may remember, the last time that term was pushed by the Dems was in trying to get Americans to accept the high unemployment and anemic economic growth brought on by Obama’s socialist economic policies and statist overregulation.

I hope that the legislature is keeping a close eye on these actions, and I’d like to see more assertion on these issues. We are a nation of laws, not rule by a single executive, and this IMO has already been allowed to go on for too long. We are at the point where the idiots “in charge” are starting to issue edicts just because they CAN, and their previous dictates have gone unchallenged.

Republicans at all levels need to actually stand behind their convictions, instead of cowering and allowing the Democrats the unchecked power that they want and are rapidly amassing. I had hope for North Carolina with McCrory’s election. Unfortunately, he couldn’t shake the crooked image and I don’t think tried very hard. And now look at Burr. The only reason that that hasn’t been pursued more ardently is that there are major Democrats ensnared in that as well, and they’re not going to take down Feinstein to get rid of a Republican who’s retiring anyway. Colleagues on the RIGHT side of the aisle need to get down and dirty with the Democrats and fight fire with fire. Please!

Dave Hallenbeck is a former long-time Frederick County resident.  He left Maryland for a trial retirement in North Carolina due to finally becoming intolerant of Maryland’s leftward tilt, with the nail in the coffin being Frederick’s election of far left Jan Gardner.