Rush Limbaugh: Champion Of The Average American And Defender Of America’s Founding Principles


Guest Columnist: Chaz Packan

Rush Limbaugh began his career as the preeminent voice of conservative values and America’s founding principles in 1984 on local radio in Sacramento, California.  He was the replacement for controversial talk show host Morton Downey, Jr.  His show debuted in mid-October 1984 as the “Rush Limbaugh Program.”

His stint in Sacramento lasted until July 1988 when he moved to New York City and achieved national acclaim on New York affiliate WABC.  His August 1st 1988 debut has lasted 32 years.  Rush is the most listened to conservative on radio with more than 28 million Americans tuning in daily, on over 600 stations.  In 1996 Rush moved his show from New York City to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he broadcasts week days from his home.

Rush has been “the” voice for conservatives across the political spectrum, in a media dominated by a left-wing echo chamber.

His cross-over appeal comes from his unmatched wit and humor, combined with a sunny Reaganesque “Morning in America” optimism.  He maintains this while conservative principles are being reviled by left-wing thinkers across the fruited plains.  Rush has the ability to cut through the noise and provide an arena for average Americans to express their admiration and adoration of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

He has been instrumental in some of the key victories for conservatives for over 30 years.  This includes his role in the “Republican Revolution” sweep, by House Republicans in 1994.  For his recognition the Republican House Class of 1994 named him an honorary member.

In more recent years Rush was the first conservative in media to notice the rise of New York businessman Donald J. Trump. In 2016 despite criticism from some of his loyal listeners, as usual Rush was ahead of his peers.  He realized Trump had the ability to revitalize the demoralized conservative base left behind by squishy “Republicans in Name Only” who had spent 23 years betraying the “America First” principles.  Principles championed by President Ronald Reagan and other influential conservatives like Barry Goldwater, Jack Kemp, and Phyllis Schafly.

This demoralization and betrayal led to electoral defeats in the presidential contests of 1992, 1996, 2008 and 2012.  Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 occurred, thanks in part, to conservative media that had risen over the years because of Rush Limbaugh.  He paved the way for outlets like Fox News and One America News.  He helped usher in conservative voices like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin.

Last summer, Rush sold “Stand Up for Betsy Ross” t-shirts in response to Nike pulling sneakers featuring her iconic flag. That campaign led to an outpouring of support from Americans whose purchases contributed to military and veteran’s charities receiving $5 million. Solidifying what an influential powerhouse he is.

On February 3rd of this year Rush made an announcement that saddened and shocked his listeners.  He announced live, he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.  Despite the severity of the announcement, he has remained strong and resolute in his fight to defeat the disease and continues to do the show between appointments.

Millions of Americans across the country have offered prayers and well wishes.

To honor Rush and his enduring American legacy, President Trump invited him to the State of the Union address where he was awarded the highest civilian honor an American can receive, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  First Lady Melania Trump presented it. 

On a personal note I have been a Rush listener since I was a freshman in high school. At the age of 15 Rush meant so much to me as a politically active, young conservative. Rush’s love of country reflects my views, he has been a strong reinforcer of the conservative principles I, like many Americans, strongly support.

Thanks to all that Rush has done for our country and for listeners like me, I have a renewed hope.  Despite the dangerous tide of socialism being embraced by some of today’s young Americans, I see a burgeoning love for our founding principles.  It still calls to a majority of young Americans, who the left-wing echo chamber conveniently ignore, at their own peril.

As a loyal Rush listener and proud young conservative I pray for his full recovery and healing from cancer.

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Chaz Packan is a life-long Frederick County Resident who graduated from Linganore High School in 2010. He completed senior year work study with the Frederick Keys the local Orioles High-A Affiliate as well as contributing to the Linganore student newspaper The Lance. He was with the Keys from February 2010 to September 2016. While there he contributed to the Keys GameDay program conducting player interviews as well as writing GameDay features. Chaz completed studies at Frederick Community College obtaining an AA in Communications while at FCC, Chaz received an excellence in journalism award from his journalism professor for his contributions to the FCC student newspaper The Commuter. After completing his associates at FCC, Chaz started his own Facebook Live sports program called SportsTalk with Chaz which he did from his home from 2016 to 2017 interviewing several local sports personalities including Frank Herzog, Brenda Frese, Rob Ambrose and ESPN NFL Analyst Anita Marks. Recently, Chaz worked for local Republican Frederick County State Delegate Dan Cox in Annapolis as a Legislative Aide during the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions. Chaz will be a regular contributor to the Tentacle touching on local and regional sports as well as his interest in the political process both locally and nationally touching on the issues from a conservative point of view. Tentacle Readers will enjoy Chaz’s depth of knowledge on the subjects he shares a passion for.