Justice For The Weed Family


On September 20, 2019 around 5:30 p.m., while walking around the Great Frederick Fair, John Weed of Mt. Airy was enjoying time with his family, when he was approached by two males. The two males were brothers ages 15 and 16.  They asked Mr. Weed for a dollar.  He said no, at which point some sort of dialogue began.

During the exchange the 16 year old punched Mr. Weed in the back of the head, he apparently never swung back. Several minutes later, while the verbal back and forth continued, the 15 year old brother comes from nowhere striking Mr. Weed in the head causing him to fall to the ground. While on the ground the 16 year old brother spits on him.  The blow proved to be fatal, Mr. Weed passed away on September 21, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, he was 59 years old.

The entire assault was caught on a cell phone video. On February 12, 2020, the Frederick County State’s Attorneys office filed a petition to have the brothers charged as adults.

Those are the facts as have been reported by many local papers and other media sources. No opinion, just what has already been reported.

This is my opinion, “my” opinion and no one else’s. First off, the two brothers stopped being children the second they took that man’s life. In that second they became killers. I have also read people’s comments on social media saying Mr. Weed was insulting them and calling them names, as if that is an excuse to assault someone.

I looked and looked but couldn’t find any Maryland law that grants people who have been verbally insulted the legal right to assault and/or kill the person insulting them. I don’t care what, if anything Mr. Weed said. Words don’t give anyone the right to assault someone, and at the ages of 15 and 16 they knew better.

Second, this was an ambush, if you’ve seen the horrible video you’d know what I’m saying. When you come from nowhere and sucker punch someone who isn’t engaged with you and focused on someone else just talking, that’s an ambush and it’s cowardly.

Lastly, when you knock someone down and you make the conscious decision to “spit” on that person, you have shown yourself to no longer be able to function in a civilized society.  You deserve whatever punishment comes your way.

The State’s Attorneys Office knows more about this case then anyone, they have talked to witness, seen the reports and watched the video.  Based on all the facts they have decided to ask the court to allow them to charge both brothers as adults. I say great.

Everyone complains about crime and criminals always getting away with things or just getting a slap on the wrist. Now the State’s Attorney is actually trying to hold people accountable for their actions and everyone is against it? Now it’s “they didn’t mean it” or “they’re kids that made a dumb mistake” or like one person said, “there’s an army of people on the internet going, “HANG THEM” when they did something fairly normal and common among their age group….”  This man now thinks assaulting people really isn’t that big of a deal because it’s fairly common? He might scare me more than the brothers.

“Dumb kids”? “Just a mistake”? I can’t see into someone’s heart and see their intent, no one can.  We elect people to collect evidence from an incident, review and try to see the big picture and then decide how to prosecute those individuals involved. Let them do their job. Everyone needs to stop trying to normalize what happened just because the accused are minors.

The bottom line is a man lost his life.  He and his family deserve justice, just like every grieving family.

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