Notice To Our Readers


For those who haven’t heard, in November 2019, John W. Ashbury sold  It is now running under new ownership and a new, not as seasoned Editor.  Mr. Ashbury will be’s resident historian, contributor and mentor for as long as he so desires.

The new owners wish to build on the strong foundation that is   Our vision is to have be your one stop source for all things with a Frederick County focus.  We will dabble in state and national affairs but our main focus is life here in Frederick County or as seen from Frederick County.

Toward the goal of reaching and appealing to a wider audience, we have a new website currently under construction.  We hope to unveil it in the not too distant future with a brand new look.  Please bear with us while we are under construction.

As our name suggests, our tentacles in the community will be everywhere.

As of now the new website is designed with sections on news, opinion, politics, education, sports, senior interest, family interests, animal welfare and the arts.  We are a work in progress.  Your suggestions are solicited and welcomed.  We hope to be able to attract and accommodate advertisers so is around for decades to come.

If you are interested in being a weekly contributor please reach out to me.  We welcome local content from our neighbors.  You are the news makers, these are your and our communities.  No one knows them better than you.

You may have noticed now has both a Facebook and Twitter presence and may move into Instagram and other areas of social media.  If you didn’t know, please check them out, give us a “like” and a “follow”.

You may have also noticed we have been putting up Things To Do This Weekend on Friday mornings.  If you have a contribution, please pass it along.  We are looking for family friendly, free or modest cost so families can afford to attend and enjoy.  We have and will post other events but the goal is to post events affordable to everyone.

Starting this Saturday, February 1, 2020 we will Launch “Political Corner”. has reached out to our Frederick County political clubs/groups, state delegation, county council and county executive and invited them to participate in a weekly wrap up that will post every Saturday morning.  Delegates Cox and Lewis-Young have expressed an interest.  Delegate Lewis-Young has already sent in her contribution for the week.  We will be reaching out to local municipalities as well as others.

Come join us as we grow and become an active participant in informing your family friends and neighbors. I predict exciting times ahead!

Unless there is an actual emergency, we will not post on major holidays or Sundays.  Those days will be “dark”.  The only thing that may be posted is a notice to go enjoy life.  It’s shorter than you think.

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Cindy A. Rose began writing for the Tentacle in 2011 trying to raise awareness over things happening within Frederick County Public Schools. She began keeping a close watch on FCPS when she learned there were not enough air conditioned buses for special needs children during the hot Maryland summers. The Tentacle offered her a place to share her concerns with her community when local newspapers didn’t always. Cindy had the opportunity to buy the Tentacle from creator/owner John W. Ashbury in 2019, so she did. She believed then, as she believes now, our communities, friends and neighbors have important things to say that needs to be shared with those living around them. Large corporate news companies don’t always share in those passions and concerns. The Tentacle is a local news, commentary and community website run by citizens, for citizens. Its success depends on your participation.