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Solutions, Not Scapegoats

March 8, 2006

Solutions, Not Scapegoats

I'm guilty as charged - for using a bad analogy to describe the strategy used by the rabid anti-growth fanatics lead by the President of the County Commissioners John L. Thompson.

I have apologized to any one who was offended by my parallel and I have clarified the point I was trying to make. No one apparently had a problem with the Huey Long reference.

I did not make the comparison or call anyone a Nazi, as some have said in a vain effort to gain the media attention they seek.

But this does not change my feeling. I am still sick of those who use developers and the business community as scapegoats for all of Frederick's problems. We need solutions - not scapegoats and excuses.

We need a plan to fix the roads, the schools, etc. Where has all the money gone???

We are all paying more taxes. Where are all these extra services?

I am sick of all the bureaucratic answers and excuses. This county needs someone like Mark Hoke again to tell it like it is, and some one who can just get it done.

Mr. Thompson, and his broken record excuse "if the developers win you lose," needs to go. But with the 50% pay raise the commissioners will receive next term, I'm betting he will run again.

In the world of business - you need solutions not a repeat of the same old lyrics to the same old tunes."

Blaine R. Young, Monrovia

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