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Donít Blame The Editors

February 20, 2006

Donít Blame The Editors

I am writing in response to Roy Meachum's column of February 10, 2006 (Standing up for the First Amendment). It seems to me that Mr. Meachum's apologetic, acquiescent rhetoric of blaming Jyllands-Posten's editors, who published some cartoons (depicting the Prophet Mohammed), for the deaths of real people is nothing more than pandering clap-trap.

The "juvenile attitude" does not lie with these publishers, but with the violent and riotous people who call themselves religious human beings. I would think that if their religion, or should I say the rioter's concept of their religion, is so weak that it can not stand up to a ridiculing cartoon, then where's the value?

These riots have nothing to do with reactions to cartoons, but have to do with their self-loathing and the political and religious repression provided by the tyrannical governments under which they live.

I would suggest that they are more interested in the trappings of religion than living a spiritual and productive life. Dogma, symbolism, ritualism and doctrine are far more important to these rioters than living their beliefs as an example for all the world to see.

I don't agree with 90 percent of what I read, hear and see in this country's so-called media, and I find most of it offensive to my intelligence, but I don't go out and riot. I suppose that if we were to use Mr. Meachum's logic, then when someone reads one of his sappy columns about his dogs and is offended, then they would have the right to riot in front of his house and blame it on him.

Does the name Salman Rushdie mean anything to you, Mr. Meachum?

Standing up for the First Amendment, in my opinion, means expressing yourself even in the face of violence and intimidation. Just think if Mr. Meachum was around during the beginnings of the American Revolution. He wouldn't have wanted to offend the King of England with a satirical cartoon, and, if his opinion was prevalent, we would all be a nation of tea drinkers.

Finally Mr. Meachum suggests that the editors at Jyllands-Posten should have their "bottoms spanked." Maybe they should be buried up to their necks and have stones thrown at them until they're dead. If youíre lucky Mr. Meachum, maybe the rioters will invite you to throw the first stone.

Cecil Caraker, Adamstown MD

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