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As Long as We Remember...

Stand and Deliver Redux

January 30, 2006

Chris Patterson's analysis of the recent City of Frederick campaign was right on target as was her "like father, like son" analogy.

I will spare you the details. Obviously, Ms. (Karen) Lewis (who wrote an earlier Letter To The Tentacle) is just one in a long line of people fooled by our former mayor (Ron Young). Luckily, the word "former" still applies.

According to her letter, Ron can blame her for his loss in November since she was the "marketing" person. I suppose she was responsible for the overabundance of signs plastered everywhere that people got sick of seeing. I personally blamed Dick Zimmerman for the faulty campaign until now because his arrogance didn't help win Ron any points.

As for Inauguration Day, Ms, Patterson DID witness the event and Ron's actions. As a matter of fact, I sat with her right behind the "Young" entourage (which by the way sat in Paul Smith's reserved section). We were the ones at which Ms Lewis kept looking and snickering. After I had enough of it, I finally told her to take a picture. Ron's sons had more respect for the office of Mayor of the City of Frederick than Ms. Lewis or Ron did.

So, don't preach to anyone about negativism, hypocrisy or faulty research. Look within for the answers.

As far as Blaine.....he is Blaine, and will continue to be acorn off the family tree.

Joleen Hart, Frederick, MD

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