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Right On The Money

October 20, 2005

Kevin Dayhoff's commentary of October 5th contains a couple of interesting realizations.

First, conservatives acknowledged a long time ago that the so-called "main stream media," whether print or television/radio, is well to the left of reality.

Their purpose is to make those whom they have classified as "victims" believe they are victims, unable to determine their own destiny, therefore not responsible for their actions.

The purpose of these "lefties' is to convince the rest of us that the choices that this segment of society have made and will continue to make is the fault of society and our failure to provide (give) them that which they have chosen not to achieve through honorable means. That there are so many un-truths in the reporting on Katrina is of little importance to them.

As for Nancy Pelosi's statement that the "American people have unequivocally called for an independent commission to find out the truth of what went wrong in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, not a partisan whitewash," what a bunch of liberal drivel.

Only those who would benefit from an independent commission, read "politicians," are demanding such an investigation. The "appearance that we care for you," therefore we will take from those who have more than they need to provide for you, is only to garner votes at the ballot box.

This is what inspires a liberal when he/she gets up each morning. "What can I do to punish those who have worked hard within the system and reward those who have made themselves dependent on the hard work of others?"

Yes, it will be interesting to see how this will play out over time. Unfortunately, those who believe they have the most to gain will continue to blame government and society for their problems. And they will continue to make bad decisions, knowing the politicians will promise to take care of them at the expense of the rest of us. How sad.

David Jones
New Windsor

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