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As Long as We Remember...

Faulty Thinking Leads to Morning Laughs

February 14, 2005

This guy (Chris) Charuhas is laughable! The Dems are the party of entrepreneurs! Wow! What he calls entrepreneurs have now become the feel-guilty elite! That's why they've joined the Democratic Party.

Entrepreneurs who have made it, and therefore feel guilty that they've made it, become Democrats, so that they may assuage their guilt for having made it. I sensed that condescension everywhere in Mr. Charuhas' little essays. He also won't let up on Dubya, whom he obviously still regards as an empty-headed, frat boy boob and daddy's boy. Laughable!

Entrepreneurs in the process of making it, on the other hand, are still "little people," or "the great unwashed," or the fly-over country folks. Those are Republicans.

It's good to have a guilty Dem who spins it all; good to see how these morally bankrupt people think.

A morally and politically bankrupt party, the Democrats, has nothing to offer anyone except the feel-guilty elite, whose job is mainly to hate Republicans.

In his second installment he said: “Entrepreneurs dislike aristocracy, which is why they gravitate to the Democratic Party.”


Aristocrats abound in Montana, Idaho, Mississippi, Kentucky, New Mexico, Arkansas, and the rest of the many red states that voted Republican in the last election.

The vast unwashed, the fly-over country, the religious extremists, the gun-in-every-pickup crowd to which Howard Dean once referred, the uneducated masses who once supported the Democratic Party and now are repulsed by it – they are the aristocrats. The enlightened class, on the other hand, gravitate to the washed-out Democratic Party that is now devoid of ideas and all it knows how to do is hate (President) Bush and his aristocratic supporters from Alabama to Alaska.

On the other hand, populist states like Massachusetts, home of the proverbial Boston Brahman, uppity New York, wacko California – they’re the real America, as opposed to those mean, aristocratic, uneducated Republicans who love their country too much and wave the flag too often – how gauche!

Iraq was a huge mistake that enlightened Democratic entrepreneurs would not make, because they're better and smarter than the rest of us. Enlightened Democratic entrepreneurs would much rather keep the terrorists attacking us right here in our homeland, rather than thousands of miles away.

Democratic entrepreneurs would rather live in a world where the likes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein export terrorism to the shores of democratic societies.

Iraq was a huge mistake, as evidenced by the spectacle of all those Iraqi aristocrats who waved that indigo index finger at everyone and anyone recently. The world was better off when that brilliant entrepreneur Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq and kept those opponents of his, mean aristocrats that they are, tortured, murdered, terrorized, and imprisoned.

Please continue publishing Chris Charuhas's drivel. It makes for some good aristocratic laughs early in the morning!

Nick Diaz
Middletown, MD

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