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Thank God For The Rain, Not The Presbyterians

April 19, 2002

Mr. Norman Covert's column on April 15 gives a disproportionate amount of weight to the power of Presbyterians, crediting them and our mayor and board for granting them their addition, for the recent rains.

It could be said that God has been punishing Frederick by not giving us rain, in part, because of the way the Presbyterians have treated their neighbors.

Maybe God sent us rain because many of us in Frederick have been praying very hard for God to forgive those who misuse his name. To forgive those who do mean things in his name. To forgive those who violate the public trust for their own political gain.

"Experience has it that some in the Frederick Presbyterian Church very much enjoy telling people "burn in hell." According to Mr. Covert's rationale, I will be in some excellent company when I get there. That is, of course, if you believe the Presbos have a special "in" with God, where their prayers are granted to a greater degree than those of people in other denominations.

Doubt that.

Too bad Mr. Covert feels he needs to stir the pot, so to speak, of an issue that is most assuredly going to bring law suits against Frederick. It is a shame he hasn't taken the time to walk in our shoes to see how God may not be so willing to reward the behavior of the Presbyterians after all.

Thank God though for the rain. Am I allowed to say that?

David "Kip" Koontz, Frederick

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